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Providing a richer understanding of the rapidly changing global legal profession

LawAhead Hub is an open and collaborative system designed to create a visionary international legal community formed by law firms, law schools, businesses and change agents that shape the legal world. The aim of our community is to explore the trends, causes and consequences of the profound global transformations that are redefining the delivery of legal services.
LawAhead Hub events engage both practitioners and leading legal scholars and fosters thoughtful analysis and rich debates which revolve around new trends on three main axes:


The activity and discussions will focus on the design, strategy and contribution in the delivery of legal advice, redefining the relationship with the client (new challenges and needs of in-house legal practice), the work dynamic from client to partner and the joint construction of solutions and new pricing models.

  • Pricing Legal Services

    Pricing Legal Services

    In this seminar, members discuss the following topics:

    • How clients buy services
    • The impact of price on profit
    • How to negotiate price
    • The tactics of pricing
    • How to deal with procurement
    • How to justify higher prices
    • Alternative fees
  • Business areas

    Business areas

    In this seminar, members discuss the following topics:

    • Areas of expertise, new departments that respond and adapt to the client quickly and flexibly.
    • New markets
  • New Relationship with the Client

    New Relationship with the Client

    In this seminar, members discuss the following topics:

    • Cultural transformation to adapt to the needs of the client.
    • Customer centricity strategies.
    • How to improve client relationship


The main topics will be Redefining Talent in the Legal Sector and new models of partners and Legal Counsel — the importance of teams, flexibility, new environments and ways of working to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Skills of the new lawyer

    Skills of the new lawyer

    In this seminar, members discuss the following topics:

    • New type of Partner
    • New type of Legal Advisor
    • New ways of working, collaboration
  • Happiness and Well-being

    Happiness and Well-being

    In this seminar, members discuss the following topics:

    • The implementation of health programs and how it influences the productivity of lawyers.
    • Measurement of return on investment:

    – Lawyer Satisfaction

    – Level of participation

    – Business Impact

New Models in Legal Services

In this section, we will analyze the new structures of both legal firms and internal legal counsel, their digital transformation and the new alternative carriers. We will also review the state of the art in Legal Tech.

  • Digital Transformation
  • New in-house Structure

    New in-house Structure

    *To be confirmed

  • New Structure in Law Firms

    New Structure in Law Firms

    *To be confirmed


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Discover the new trends and exchange knowledge to think, anticipate and foster possible solutions to the most pressing issues facing the legal sector.


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