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The LawAhead Hub is an open, collaborative ecosystem created to build a Global Smart legal Community of global law firms, law schools, companies and key players, to explore the causes and consequences of deep transformations taking place in legal education, legal professions and legal systems globally.

Activities & Iniciatives

We were born to disrupt! LawAhead Hub generates cutting-edge research and knowledge that cuts across disciplines and frontiers, leading the conversation through four different outputs:


Expert-written, sharp, global and future oriented focus publications will be continuously generated and widely disseminated to share knowledge that is insightful, impactful and directed to breaking barriers between academia, practice and policy makers around the globe.

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Global and future oriented events, bringing experts from the world over to address key changes to legal education, legal practice and legal systems will gather together members of the community. A number of those events will be held for LawAhead members only, while others will be open to the entire legal community.

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Research projects

Publications and events are gateways to the development of research projects that seek to better understand underlying transformations in legal education, the legal profession and legal systems, with a view to effect change for the better.

Lifelong Learning

As a law school, we are committed with lifelong learning. Round tables and workshops composed of key players in the legal sector will be periodically held to explore educational needs of all players. We will leverage the insights, knowledge and expertise of our faculty and leading experts across the globe to provide solutions that are relevant to today’s most pressing legal challenges.


Natural Language and Legal Tech: Could technology expand our understanding of jurisdiction?

Technology continues to transform the traditional legal landscape with new digital tools, making data-driven legal practice an increasingly powerful ...

11 / 12 / 2020

Digital transformation in legal goes beyond tech, it comes down to talent

The most brilliant innovations are irrelevant if lawyers lack the skills to use it. To release the potential of digital transformation in the legal ...

24 / 11 / 2020

Could laws be analyzed from the perspective of technological efficiency?

What would make a rule technologically efficient? Professor Francisco de Elizalde argues that it would depend on the rule having two characteristics: ...

24 / 11 / 2020


Discover the new trends and exchange knowledge to think, anticipate and foster possible solutions to the most pressing issues facing the legal sector.


Corporate Members

  • Google | IE Law School
  • Eversheds Sutherland Nicea | IE Law School
  • Baker Mckenzie | IE Law School
  • Aena | IE Law School
  • ECIJA | IE Law School
  • Microsoft | IE Law School
  • Santander | IE Law School


To understand the complexity of legal systems, the transformation of the legal industry and the future of education, we foster different activities and research that cuts across disciplines and promote collaboration between academics and practitioners from a different fields and areas of the law –from Science and Technology to Management and Humanities.

The main areas of interest are:

Global & Business

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Management, Innovation & Technology

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Regulated Sectors

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Humanities & Sciences

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