Legaltech Innovation Farm Automatization, analysis and smart technologies to digitize and optimize the practice of law.


Technology has become an increasingly disruptive force with the power to transform products, services, business models, processes, people and society. In this new paradigm, many companies and law firms have yet to capture the value of technology-based innovation.

The IE Innovation Farms are a response to the challenges brought about by digitalization and offers an opportunity to harness the power of technology. The Legaltech Innovation Farm, created with the IE Human Sciences and Technology Innovation Farms, are open, tech-neutral ecosystems created to cultivate early-stage innovation and experimentation.  We work with legal and corporate leaders to transform their business ideas into tech deliverables ­– prototype apps, algorithms, bots, software, business models – sourcing through our network of partnerships, expert talent and technology platforms required to make it happen.

We are a new model for innovation, in a new economy that demands it.

Digitize and optimize the practice of law

Javier de Cendra, Dean of the IE Law School, tells us about the IE´s Legaltech Innovation Farm.
IE Law Innovation Lab


Innovation Labs seek to provide guidance to companies that participate for the development and launching of their innovation projects. Companies will be able to understand their main weaknesses, visualize various paths that lead to innovation and the technology available to get there. This will be done through a series of seminars about relevant topics for the sector.

Typically, each Innovation Lab lasts between three and four months and the results include algorithms, bots, digital business models, processes to automate, applications, analytics tools, and more solutions. The Innovation Labs can be carried out in an individual manner, by each company, or in a collaborative manner. The payment of each company depends upon the complexity and scope of each lab.

Member Community

Members’ Community

The companies participating in the Innovation Farm are those which conform the members’  community. These companies have a variety of benefits, in exchange for a small annual fee. These benefits include:

  • Access to participate in an Innovation Lab.
  • Four annual seminars regarding relevant topics for the community.
  • An annual conference.
Talent Network

Talent Network

A professional director with the relevant expertise will be in charge of the Labs. Each project, which usually lasts between three to four months, will have a director from the IE talent network, dedicated full-time to the project, along with a team of two or three professionals from the IE talent network, the members´ university networks and members´ clients or technology experts, dedicated full-time. In addition, and according to the needs and demand of each Lab, there will be experts from IE’s talent network.

Tech Partners

The tech partners provide cloud services, equipment and software for analysis, among others, to the Innovation Farms without any cost. This will enable members to develop their projects in the Innovation Labs.

Farm Director

Farm Director

The Farm Director is expert and engineer with broad experience in directing legaltech projects. The Farm Director supervises and directs the full lifecycle of the Innovation Labs. He is responsible for assembling the teams and defining the budget for each Lab and defining the calendar of innovation labs requested by the members of the community.

Corporate Members

  • Cuatrecasas | IE Law School
  • Baker Mckenzie | IE Law School
  • Deloitte Legal | IE Law School
  • Wolters Kluwer | IE Law School
  • Allen & Overy | IE Law School
  • Registradores de España | IE Law School
  • Santander | IE Law School


At IE Law School, we are strongly committed with innovation in the sector and with creating disruptive solutions in order to lead the transformation.

The IE Law School Legaltech Innovation Farm is focused on innovation in the legal sector and the processes within, based on the most sophisticated technology. The Legaltech Innovation Farms seeks to address topics such as apps, law bots, the automation of judicial processes and predictive analysis (for conflict resolution, for example), and other technological solutions that allow legal professionals to do their work more efficiently and to create value by doing things differently.

The members of the Farm are professionals and lawyers from the best companies and most prestigious law firms. Members and their teams will have access to four seminars and a global legaltech conference every year, and will be able to lead the Innovation Labs that are taking place in the Legaltech Innovation Farm.





The Team

Profile - Javier de Cendra Javier de Cendra

Dean of IE Law School

Profile - Norman Kurtis Norman Kurtis

Vice Dean of Behavior & Human Development and Director Corporate Relations, IE HST

Profile - Macarena Plaza Macarena Plaza

Head of International Programmes and Legal Innovation at IE Law School

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