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Legaltech Venture Days

Identifying and supporting legal tech startups in the expanding industry

In an increasingly globalized and tech-oriented world, it’s no surprise that law is undergoing a dramatic reinvention. Legal Tech is rapidly expanding, and new players and startups are bursting onto the scene in extraordinary ways, providing powerful solutions and innovative opportunities for law firms, corporations and both private and public organizations.

With this in mind, IE Law School, LexisNexis and the Law Schools Global League have teamed up to launch the Global Legal Tech Venture Day. We want to give back to the blossoming Legal Tech industry and help these promising young companies realize their potential to become harbingers of change and innovation within the industry.

This cutting-edge competition has been designed to seek out and support startups that have a positive and forward-thinking outlook on the major challenges faced by legal operators and legal systems today. By providing solutions and ideas to help ease these challenges, such startups are not only furthering the cause of justice, but also transforming the sector.

The Fourth Edition of the Global Legaltech Venture Days is almost here! Next stops: Lisbon, Bogota and Madrid

This next May 2022, the fourth edition of the Global Legaltech Venture Days is taking place in Lisbon, Bogota and Madrid with the partnership of the Católica Global School of Law  and Universidad de los Andes. Three finalists will be chosen to pitch their projects at the IE stage in the South Summit to an exclusive panel of juries comprised of investors, VC’s and mentors – all pioneers in the legal and business worlds.

The three finalists will have full access to the three-day South Summit event and the winning startup will have the opportunity to be mentored by LexisNexis’s VP of strategy and M&A CEMEA for six months and will meet a selection of clients to pitch their product and/or service.

If you have a startup dedicated to developing ingenious and sustainable solutions to improve day-to-day legal practices – public or private- then this competition is for you.


Hosts and Partner Universities

  • Kings College London | IE Law School
  • FGV Direito SP
  • UNSW Sydney
  • Jindal University
  • University Cape Town
  • Logo Catolica Global School of Law
  • Logo Universidad de Los Andes

Past Cohorts: Meet our entrepreneurs

Legal Tech Venture Days innovators from across the globe share their projects and experience.
Venture Days - Turin | IE Law School

Turin - Slidinglife

This Italian startup provides a national list of professionals, useful for people involved in a divorce. Their platform, that serves as a specialized marketplace, can find the best professionals to help individuals in the divorce process and can also buy divorce documents from the Court. SlidingLife uses AI software to predict the outcome of the divorce case in the court.

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Venture Days - Sao Paolo | IE Law School

Sao Paolo - JUIT

This online platform allows legal practitioners to work smarter, using technology as a bridge that will ease their work. Their goal is to organize judicial information in a way that nobody has done before, creating a universal legal data schema that takes aspects from every legal system into account.

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London - JUST: Access

This non-for-profit legal tech start-up harnesses technology to overcome barriers accessing justice and advocates for a more open and transparent justice system. JUST: Access models alternative ways of providing legal services that benefit everyone, including the most vulnerable and uses an automatic speech recognition technology to revolutionize the legal transcription industry.

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Venture Days - Sydney | IE Law School

Sydney - Resolve Disputes Online (RDO)

This dispute resolution software as a service empowering ADR experts, courts and tribunals with innovative technology to improve access to justice around the world. The startup’s software allows clients to create and host their own branded negotiation, mediation and arbitration tools for case management, including valuable data insights and analytics.

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Venture Days - Online | IE Law School

Online - Arextech

This Canadian startup has a SaaS Proptech that empowers institutional real estate investors to efficiently capture, analyze and share quality investment data in a connected digital environment.

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Bogotá - Juzto

This company is dedicated to building a fairer society by offering legal services to Colombians over its digital platform.

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Lucius Report, Making Compliance Easy

Guillermo Miranda, Co-Founder of Lucius Report and winner of final Global Legaltech Venture Day, explains how his startup makes compliance easy by focusing on generating due diligence reports, combining algorithms and the legal expertise of qualified lawyers to deliver a comprehensive, relevant and easy to grasp report.

Easylaw, Allowing lawyers to save time

This Malaysian startup, winner of the Asian arm, is a startup focused in allowing lawyers and property investors save time and resources that can be allocated to further growth of businesses and other priorities. June Low, Founder of EasyLaw, explains all the features of Easylaw.

Esquify, Betting on Human Centered Design

Drew Stern, CEO of Esquify, winner of the U.S. arm of the competition, bets on putting humans, not technology, at the center of its e-discovery management engine. The platform approach to team management takes analytics and project management to the next level, creating an accountability loop that drives both reviewer and manager success.

Creating Unparalleled Opportunities for Legaltech startups

From Singapore through Chicago and ending in Mexico City, we travelled the world with the aim to identify legaltech startups looking to disrupt and improve the legal profession through technology. Learn about their experience in the first edition of this global competition.

The startup competition focuses on legal technologies that have a positive impact on major challenges faced by legal operators or legal systems with the aim to improve their operations and promote the cause of justice.

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The conferences are open to the general public, and IE students and alumni as well as individuals from the local and regional entrepreneurial communities are invited to participate.

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