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Legaltech Venture Days

We aim to find and engage thriving startups around the world

In the first edition of the Global Legaltech Venture Days 2018, we partnered with the Law Schools Global League and international law firm Ontier to travel across four countries and meet legal professionals who share a passion for legal technology and a desire to disrupt and improve the legal profession through technology.

In this second edition, we will embark on an epic journey and travel across the five continents to discover the next generation of the most innovative legal tech companies.

New Upate on the Global Legaltech Venture Days

The Legaltech Venture Day in Cape Town and New Delhi, and the final Global Legaltech Venture Day in Madrid, where all regional victors will compete to become the global winner, have been postponed in light of current health concerns globally. New dates will be confirmed soon.


Be part of the second edition!

IE Law School, international law firm Ontier and the Law Schools Global League are excited to launch the second edition of this global competition for Legaltech Startups that will take place in seven countries around the world, kicking off in Italy on July 2019 and concluding with the final competition in Spain in Fall 2020.

If you are a startup working on developing solutions, improving substantially the normal operation of legal systems and actors—whether public or private—with a focus on the common good, take part in this Legaltech Venture Day!

Discover the most exciting legaltech startups

From Sao Paolo to Sydney and onto the global stage! Meet the winners that will be competing in the final Global Legaltech Venture Day in Madrid in May.

Turin - Slidinglife

This Italian startup provides a national list of professionals, useful for people involved in a divorce. Their platform, that serves as a specialized marketplace, can find the best professionals to help individuals in the divorce process and can also buy divorce documents from the Court. SlidingLife uses AI software to predict the outcome of the divorce case in the court.

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Sao Paolo - JUIT

This online platform allows legal practitioners to work smarter, using technology as a bridge that will ease their work. Their goal is to organize judicial information in a way that nobody has done before, creating a universal legal data schema that takes aspects from every legal system into account.

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London - JUST: Access

This non-for-profit legal tech start-up harnesses technology to overcome barriers accessing justice and advocates for a more open and transparent justice system. JUST: Access models alternative ways of providing legal services that benefit everyone, including the most vulnerable and uses an automatic speech recognition technology to revolutionize the legal transcription industry.

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Sydney - Resolve Disputes Online (RDO)

This dispute resolution software as a service empowering ADR experts, courts and tribunals with innovative technology to improve access to justice around the world. The startup’s software allows clients to create and host their own branded negotiation, mediation and arbitration tools for case management, including valuable data insights and analytics.

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Hosts and Partner Universities

  • Kings College London | IE Law School
  • FGV Direito SP
  • UNSW Sydney
  • Jindal University
  • University Cape Town

This global and pioneering program includes two different stages


From July 2019 to March 2020, IE along with the LSGL partner universities will host 8 legaltech startup competitions around the world. The aim of the legaltech startup competitions is not only to discover key players and innovative ideas that are disrupting the sector, but also to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in different regions around the world. The startups selected in each country will then compete in the final competition.


The startups selected in the 8 legaltech startups competition will be invited to Madrid to be part of an intensive Startup Acceleration Program with experts and mentors from IE Business School in Madrid (Spring 2020).

After the Acceleration Program, the final Global Legaltech Startup Competition will take place in an event where the winners of each region will have the opportunity to network with key stakeholders and investors.

Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity to connect with the ecosystem!

The startup competition focuses on legal technologies that have a positive impact on major challenges faced by legal operators or legal systems with the aim to improve their operations and promote the cause of justice.

Meet the winners of the first edition

More than 60 legaltech startups from over 10 countries participated In the three Global Legaltech Venture Days regionals that took place in Singapore, Mexico and Chicago. Among them, only three startups were selected to compete in the final celebrated in Madrid.

Lucius Report, Making Compliance Easy

Guillermo Miranda, Co-Founder of Lucius Report and winner of final Global Legaltech Venture Day, explains how his startup makes compliance easy by focusing on generating due diligence reports, combining algorithms and the legal expertise of qualified lawyers to deliver a comprehensive, relevant and easy to grasp report.

Easylaw, Allowing lawyers to save time

This Malaysian startup, winner of the Asian arm, is a startup focused in allowing lawyers and property investors save time and resources that can be allocated to further growth of businesses and other priorities. June Low, Founder of EasyLaw, explains all the features of Easylaw.

Esquify, Betting on Human Centered Design

Drew Stern, CEO of Esquify, winner of the U.S. arm of the competition, bets on putting humans, not technology, at the center of its e-discovery management engine. The platform approach to team management takes analytics and project management to the next level, creating an accountability loop that drives both reviewer and manager success.

Creating Unparalleled Opportunities for Legaltech startups

From Singapore through Chicago and ending in Mexico City, we travelled the world with the aim to identify legaltech startups looking to disrupt and improve the legal profession through technology. Learn about their experience in the first edition of this global competition.

Pandemic Raises the Relevance of Legal Technology LL.M.s

The pandemic has proven that technology is not optional for lawyers; it’s a necessity. Alejandro Touriño, Co-Director of the Master in Legal Tech, explains why in this article published by LLM Guide.

Lawyers have always been perceived as reluctant to adopt technology, with seriousness and personal confidence playing a key role in the very traditional profession. However, the pandemic has proven that technology is not optional for lawyers; it’s a necessity.

The pandemic is likely to increase reliance on legal technology to provide clients with a service comparable to that offered before coronavirus. This involves the use of video conferencing and other online collaboration tools, but there will also be a greater need for law-specific technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This has also raised the relevance of legal technology in the LL.M. curriculum. Madrid’s IE Law School, for instance, has designed an entire Master in Legal Tech degree. Students on the course embrace the newest technologies in the legal industry, as well as the management and business trends. The new LL.M. also has a specialization in intellectual property and legal technology, where students explore how key tech developments intersect with the law.

09 Dec 2020


Faculty Opinion, Legaltech and Entrepreneurship
Blueprint for Global Legal Education | IE Law School

Globalisation and technology are key shapers of legal education, finds IBA and LSGL research

A report published today cites internationalisation and technological disruption as the key trends and opportunities in the field of global legal ...

11 Nov 2020


Global, Comparative and European Law, Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, Management Skills, News

Alumni create LegoLex, a legal startup that helps early stage ventures hit the ground running

LegoLex Legal Services Network, a startup founded by three IE Law School alumni, has been named one most Innovative Legal tech Startup in Spain of ...

11 Nov 2020


Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, News
Dalya Droste on winning the ‘Smart Contract Competition’ and her first steps into an exciting career

Dalya Droste on winning the ‘Smart Contract Competition’ and her first steps into an exciting career

Dalya Droste, winner of the Smart Contract Competition offered earlier this year by IE Law School, Jur and the Lab for New Justice, shares her ...

02 Sep 2020


Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, Students Experience
Santander and IE launch online scholarships

Santander and IE Foundation launch 100 online scholarships to educate the best digital legal talent

100 Santander IE Scholarships for law students or young professionals from 9 countries to give them new digital tools and skills to enhance their ...

20 May 2020


Legaltech and Entrepreneurship, News
Vertical disintegration, personal outsourcing and the nature of the platform

Professor Antonio Aloisi awarded Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award

Antonio Aloisi, Assistant Professor of Labour Law at IE Law School is awarded with the 8th Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award, on "Digital transformation: ...

20 Apr 2020


Faculty, Legaltech and Entrepreneurship

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IE Venture Days are international events designed to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem, connecting the best startups, investors, corporations, accelerators and thought-leaders. Every Venture Day lasts between 4-8 hours, and its format is a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions and a startup competition with the most-promising entrepreneurs of the region.

The conferences are open to the general public, and IE students and alumni as well as individuals from the local and regional entrepreneurial communities are invited to participate.

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