Master in Legal Tech

Drive the tech revolution in the legal world
In today’s increasingly complex and future-forward digital landscape, individuals in the legal sector require an ever-expanding set of both professional and technical skills. This new reality demands next-generation experts who can adapt to the constantly changing world around us, embracing the advent of new technologies and their undeniable impact on the future of the legal sector. That’s why IE Law School have designed the Master in Legal Tech, a one-of-a-kind degree created to prepare and empower the lawyers, entrepreneurs and professionals of tomorrow.

12 months




Online - Madrid - Silicon Valley - Herzliya




Part time



The program is made up of three main blocks—Law for Tech, Tech for Law and Digital Business Transformation—to provide you with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary understanding of the industry. Following a practical approach, the program will combine IE Law School’s world-class legal expertise with the IE School of Human Sciences & Technology’s top-tier technical capabilities. You will tackle real-world challenges in three hands-on projects that will empower you to put your theoretical knowledge to the test and boost your employability. You will also have the exclusive opportunity to dive into three of the world’s leading tech ecosystems: two in-person trips to Madrid and Herzliya, Israel, alongside a virtual experience in Silicon Valley. 


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Liquid Learning at IE University

In this new reality, we understand it’s not always possible to attend class in person. That’s why we developed our Liquid Learning approach, which seamlessly adapts to individual needs and provides equal access to world-class education—whether on campus or online wherever you are.

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The Master in Legal Tech


Want to take their professional career to the next level by leading meaningful change within their organizations. This can include business lawyers looking to digitize corporate legal departments, law firm lawyers wanting to innovate and develop their companies’ technological capacities, and entrepreneurs with the drive to harness the power of technology to disrupt their sector. If you want to become a highly in-demand 21st-century professional with unparalleled legal knowledge and second-to-none technical skills, this program is for you.


A flexible, immersive and individualized program inspired by top experts from leading digital companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. We help you to develop the most sought-after skills in the legal sector, including programming, digital business models and AI for legal services. With access to three globally recognized hubs of legal innovation—Madrid, Silicon Valley and Herzliya, Israel—this program offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and learn from industry experts, expand your professional network and fine-tune your business, legal and technical skills.


• A partner responsible for digitalization in a law firm
• A lawyer in an international digital company
• Chief Digital Officer of a law firm
• Legal Tech entrepreneur
• Managing Director of digital transformation in a large corporation, law firm or legal service provider
• CEO/CTO of a Legal Tech company
• Leading expert in Intellectual Property Law and Information Technologies in firms

The context: tomorrow’s law, today

As the second decade of the 21st century dawns, the era of globalization and digitalization is alive and well. It’s digital companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook that lead the way and call the shots. A downpour of technology has turned businesses on their heads, and caught in this thunderstorm is the legal sector. It is against this backdrop that modern companies have started to demand a totally new skill set from lawyers.

That’s where the Master in Legal Tech comes in.

In today’s current legal environment, legal services are no longer limited to law firms or consulting agencies. We are surrounded by new, up-and-coming legal organizations, such as Legal Tech companies and ALSPs, which require tech-savvy and holistic lawyers and entrepreneurs. A traditional legal education will no longer help you stand out from the crowd. In response to this, our Master in Legal Tech has been designed to equip the legal professionals of tomorrow with the future-forward skills, knowledge and mindset necessary to support and lead tech companies in the increasingly complex and dynamic digital economy and differentiate themselves from the rest, securing the competitive edge they need to thrive in an increasingly demanding job market.

Our Master in Legal Tech, a sure path to success

The Master in Legal Tech is unique among top law schools globally since it helps drive legal innovation to new heights.

Immerse Yourself In Three Pioneering Legal Tech Ecosystems

Through immersive face-to-face periods and virtual experiences in the world’s most relevant Legal Tech hubs, the Master in Legal Tech exposes students to a world-class professional network and a global Legal Tech community. In this way, students learn first-hand how Legal Tech issues are handled in different legal jurisdictions around the world.

Legal Tech Ecosystem - Madrid | IE Law School


As a top international university recognized globally for its quality in teaching and learning, you will benefit from varied face-to-face sessions from trailblazing academics. Develop an entrepreneurial approach and a disruptive mindset as you collaborate with like-minded professionals and take advantage of our state-of-the-art resources.

Legal Tech Ecosystem - Silicon Valley | IE Law School

Silicon Valley

Throughout the online immersion experience in Silicon Valley, you will receive in-depth and comprehensive talks from industry-leading experts on the hottest topics in Legal Tech, such as blockchain, smart contracts and data ethics. Alongside this, you will take part in virtual visits to top Legal Tech companies to see how everything you’ve learned is applied in the day-to-day running of organizations.

Legal Tech Ecosystem - Israel | IE Law School


The immersion week in the Harry Radzyner Law School at IDC Herzliya, Israel features a variety of informative lectures on topics from innovation and entrepreneurship to cybersecurity and legal automation, as well as talks from up-and-coming Legal Tech startups such as Robus and LitiGate. You will also have the opportunity to share your global visions and create long-lasting professional contacts from all over the world in networking events.

The experience

A tech certificate for the new world of work

The week-long Digital Transformation Certificate module prepares students to better address the challenges of digitalization. Made possible thanks to the School of Human Sciences and Technology, this collaboration provides Master in Legal Tech students with access to cutting-edge technology insights and professional expertise. Divided into 12 sessions, students work on a digitalization project applicable to their own organization, gaining an exclusive HST certificate upon completion.

A once-in-a-lifetime learning experience

Travel to a global legal tech hub and dive into a unique learning experience alongside industry-leading legal professionals. Learn, explore, network—all while discovering Israeli culture.

The future of legal industry


Daniel Martin Katz vision´s about the future of the legal tech industry.


How is legaltech being developed in different jurisdictions.

Hear about...

The next 10 years in the legal sector.

University Private Degree

Upon program completion, students will receive a Master´s Degree from IE Law School.

This is a University Private Degree from IE Universidad*, and taught in IE Law School. More Information on what earning a University Private Degree from IE Universidad entails.

*IE Universidad is a University officially recognized by the Spanish education authorities, allowed to grant both Official University Degrees (Bachelor’s,  Master’s and PhD  degrees), which are specifically regulated and accredited by Spanish Ministry of Education and University Private Degrees (Master) , which are specifically  designed by the University towards the professional application of their studies and the constant update of higher education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of IE. Both types of degrees are equally backed by the rigor and prestige of IE University.

Be ahead of what’s next

The world is changing like never before, and at IE Law School we remain on the front lines of these dynamic times. We are firmly committed to preparing you to work, thrive, and build solutions for a complex world. Now more than ever is the time to take the next step in your legal education. Discover how we can help you.

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