Leadership And Strategy In The Age Of Disruption - Methodology

Our online programs are designed to fill an immediate gap in the participants’ skill sets in 6 weeks through a perfect balance of flexibility and intensity.

The fully online programs use cutting-edge learning methodologies, relevant content, and particular importance is given to the selection of resources and dynamics that are used so that the learning experience, participant commitment and the level of understanding and engagement are maximized.

The dynamics of a single course involve, among others, the following resources:

Synchronous sessions with professors. These live sessions enable professors to interact with participants, as well as answer their questions and comments. These sessions are very interactive. These sessions are also a great opportunity to do networking

Interactive videos recorded by the professors that include:

  1. Graphic elements to help highlight important ideas
  2. Interviews with sector experts
  3. Embedded in-video questions and quizzes with feedback

Forums and discussion boards as open spaces to debate ideas, trends & news, case studies between participants, under the lead of the teaching team

• A mix of practice quizzes and exercises, graded assignments, peer reviews and many other activities

• Some programs include team-work which is great to connect with peers and do networking

• Learning analytics as a fundamental factor to monitor each participant as an individual

Students will be able to apply their learnings immediately in their daily professions as programs are designed having a hand-son approach, and we estimate that participants will need to dedicate between 6 to 8 hours of work per week.

At the end of the program, those who complete all the sessions in addition to having achieved and overall grade point average of 60% will earn a Certificate of Completion from IE Business School.