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Enrique Moya Martínez

About me

I studied a bachelor’s degree in economics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, but I needed to continue learning and expanding my knowledge. IE had the prestige that I was looking for to round out my studies, but I also chose to study an Executive Education program because of the opportunities it could provide for my future career.

In addition to doing the Big Data, Business Analytics & AI Management Program at IE, in 2020 I completed an online master’s with the Fundación Universidad Carlos III in Basic Programming with Python.

Enrique Moya Martínez
Student actively looking for employment.
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Big Data, Business Analytics & AI Management Program
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"I no longer see work as an obligation, but rather an opportunity to keep learning."

Enrique Moya Martínez

Enrique is a young man from Madrid who decided to expand his education with an Executive Education program to open up doors in the job market. After this academic experience in which he also learned a lot from his classmates, Enrique is motivated in his job search.

Why did you decide to further your education at IE?

I chose IE because of its prestige and good standing in the education world, but above all because of the opportunity it could offer me to expand my knowledge. 

Do you think that your time at IE has changed your focus in your career?

Definitely. I no longer see work as an obligation, but rather an opportunity to keep learning. 

What is your current professional status?

I’m currently unemployed, but I’m actively looking for work. 

What is the most valuable lesson you learned during the program?

That group work is fundamental, as well as not taking any detail for granted. That’s something that I learned throughout the program. I realized that the class reflected the working world, and I tried to notice how the rest of my classmates handled themselves.