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Luis Lozano García

About me

Although I currently work in Murcia, I grew up and studied in Madrid. I studied business sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and recently (2021), I furthered my knowledge with the Advanced Management Program (AMP) here at IE. My professional career has been linked to the agriculture sector, and I’m currently CFO at Verdimed. Previously, I worked for other companies in the sector, such as Agroherni, Agrolito, and Langmead Spain. As a specialist in the agriculture sector, my responsibilities are in the field of management control, business intelligence, and business strategy.

Luis Lozano García
CFO Verdimed
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"The AMP has allowed me to see my business, my sector, and the business world from a drone’s-eye-view."

Luis Lozano García

Luis Lozano is a CFO with extensive experience in the agriculture sector. His experience in the AMP has given him a broader perspective on business and valuable personal relationships.

Why did you embark upon the AMP experience at IE?

The company where I work decided to train its executive team with IE’s AMP. Every year, one of the executives takes part in the program. Therefore, broadening my training has been an unexpected gift from my company, for which I am very grateful.

Do you think that your time at IE has changed your focus in your career?

Without a doubt, the AMP has significantly changed my perspective on the company and the sector in which I work. To explain it visually, after spending a lot of time traveling through an area, the AMP has allowed me to see my business, my sector, and the business world from a drone’s-eye-view. This means being able to see further, spend more time on strategy, financial planning, monitor and anticipate the technological and digital changes that are taking place in our environment, etc.

What would you highlight from your experience in the AMP?

The entrepreneurial spirit that you experience in the AMP is like a virus that, once you’re infected, you can’t get rid of it. Not only external entrepreneurship, but also internal entrepreneurship, with the inquisitiveness to seek out new projects and a different way of doing things, permanently.

Moreover, the AMP helped me improve and consolidate my relationship with other executives at my company who already took the program. We speak a common language, enriched by the experience and the subjects we studied. Periodically we exchange impressions and share news and all types of concerns.

And what was your relationship with your AMP classmates like?

After a few months, I can say that there’s a very strong bond that forms. It’s surprising how a group of people of varying ages, from different sectors, and with different personal approaches can create such an intense, real friendship.

I have a very solid relationship with many of them. We talk and get together frequently. Plus, we support one another professionally, asking advice and answering questions on topics where we know that one is a specialist.

You speak of a strong bond with your AMP classmates. Why do you think that such a deep personal relationship formed?

I think part of the chemistry is due to how Francisco Sardina manages the group. Paco is a person who performs magic with human relationships. He knows what each person needs at any given time, and he anticipates problems. He takes care of us and makes us all feel special.