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Miguel Brines

About me

Automotive industry professional with more than 15 years of experience. I write and teach about my experience, about job hunting, and about sustainability. In short, about the things that drive people to success. I recently published my second book, Introducción a la selección, evaluación y gestión del riesgo de proveedores en la cadena de suministro y compras [Introduction to Selecting, Assessing, and Managing Risk for Suppliers in the Supply Chain and Procurement]. My interests include social media, innovation, automobiles, and the auto industry. I like ideas, concepts, new trends, and putting myself on a path to continuous improvement.

Miguel Brines
Senior Purchasing Consultant at Itibid and Senior Career Advisor at COGITI
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Strategic Management in the Luxury Goods Sector Program
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“It is an honour to have studied at IE and to receive such personal treatment that distinguishes it from other schools of similar prestige.”

Miguel Brines

Miguel came to IE looking for change. After 15 years’ experience in the automotive sector in international markets, he wanted to learn about a new sector and broaden his knowledge. This program has allowed him to learn different points of view and become part of a community that he feels proud of.

Why did you decide to further your education at IE?

It all came about at a moment in 2019 when I needed to find out about new business schools, and I was thinking about changing sectors. Just then I saw an ad online about the Strategic Management in the Luxury Goods Sector Program. It combined management topics and offered a bridge to the luxury sector, which seemed very interesting to me.

I come from other business schools. In fact, I teach the Procurement course in a master’s program at another business school. Other professionals had always spoken highly of IE in terms of its prestige, reputation, and teaching quality.

It seemed like an excellent career opportunity, and a great way to learn about a new sector, all while taking a course with a well-organized schedule and excellent professors. I’ve always associated IE with its close relationships with the best Spanish companies. Finally, I thought it was the perfect excuse to spend some time in Madrid, which is consolidating itself as a center of European business, and is always a welcoming, enjoyable city.

The impression I’ve taken away of IE exceeded my highest expectations. I feel very proud to now be an alumnus.

Do you think that your time at IE has changed your focus in your career?

My time at IE was a bit abrupt because I was studying there when the pandemic hit, and we suddenly went into lockdown, and I didn’t live in Madrid. I had to leave the program, but fortunately IE and especially Marcelino Lominchar and Susana Campuzano helped me find a formula that allowed me to complete my studies.

Studying at a prestigious school like IE with classmates of such high caliber and talent has a profound impact. And it goes without saying that the professors are also of extremely high quality.

I think two things had a positive impact in my case: firstly, perspective, as I was constantly in contact with all types of professional and generational points of view thanks to my classmates; and also, knowledge, as I learned a lot about the luxury sector, retail, digital transformation, marketing, and other areas of business.

On a personal level, I’m not reactivating my career, I’m staying put. But I’m sure that when I do want to make a move, I’ll use the IE approach and I’ll absolutely attend their events and activities to be able to continue learning and growing. It was an honor to study there and receive the personal treatment that sets IE apart from other schools of similar prestige.

What is your current professional status?

I’m currently consolidating my experience in procurement and procurement consulting. I’d especially like to adapt to the Spanish market, given that I’ve worked in international management for many years, and I need to orient myself to the economic sectors here. I’d like to continue to develop my career in Spain; I think I’ve traveled and lived abroad for a long time.

Is there a valuable lesson you learned during the program?

I could highlight many lessons and I’m having a hard time picking just one.

First and foremost, I’d like to mention the people. I have a lot to thank Marcelino Lominchar and Susana Campuzano for. I remember one of Marcelino’s introductory classes perfectly, where, for the first time in my life and after more than one master’s degree, I fully understood what studying in groups is all about. He told us: “Listen to the person who speaks the least in the group and encourage them to participate, because they might just have the most disruptive ideas.” This feeling of unity is a distinctive trait of IE. I would like to thank him for all his support during my studies.

The concern for students is another lesson that I took with me: they give us advice, support us, and give us the coaching we need. Not only does everything at IE operate smoothly, but they also have professionals like Susana, who personally dedicated time to many conversations with me and who helped me before and during my time at the school, especially to ensure that I adapted well upon arrival. I have only praise for her, as I was able to take another class with her and she surprised me again one year later. The teaching quality and search for innovative education models is another hallmark of IE.

Do you have any inspiring stories you’d like to share with your classmates?

I think my personal experience was very inspiring. After having to leave the program because of lockdown, and when I had lost all hope of being able to recover the experience, I found these two angles, who went out of their way to offer me an alternative educational experience, which was just as enriching or more, and who always treated me excellently and with the utmost kindness. I’ve always thought you should never throw in the towel.

And I think there are a few angels at IE who confirmed that for me. I greatly enjoyed the programs in 2021 that I couldn’t finish in 2020. Greatly.