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IE School of Architecture & Design’s first School Day a resounding success

IE School of Architecture & Design’s first School Day a resounding success

To bring students, professors and alumni together for networking and activities, IE School of Architecture & Design celebrated its first School Day.

Last February, IE School of Architecture & Design celebrated its inaugural School Day. The event brought together professors, current students, and alumni of the Master in Business for Architecture and Design program for a day of activities and networking.

Taking place in Madrid, the participants were able to renew old friendships and make new ones while sharing their experiences of the program. The event began with raffles and games, which set the tone for a relaxed and highly enjoyable day. Reflecting the truly international nature of the program, the event was made up of diverse attendees representing a broad variety of backgrounds, ages, and heritages.

Students currently studying the Master in Architecture & Design had a chance to speak to former graduates of the program to better understand how their time at IE University had influenced their careers. Each participant had their own reasons for taking the Master, allowing them all to gain unique perspectives and learnings from the program.

Muhieddine Tabbarah, Managing Partner and Design Director at Eyecon, joined the program “to be able to acquire the skills that would help me navigate the highly competitive industry.” For him, the ability to tailor the learning experience to his own needs proved invaluable as he continues to advance at Eyecon.

In contrast, current student Clara Gade is at the beginning of her career and highlighted the program’s ability to provide broad knowledge on “things she hadn’t expected,” while also having “the opportunity to travel and meet amazing people.” These diverse educational experiences are sure to set her up for a career of success in the industry.

Her views on the program’s value were echoed by fellow student Raul Raj Ravi, who commented that the global exposure the program has provided him with values he can “translate into my work experience when I finish my program.” Once he graduates in July, he expects to work for a “large construction or real estate company,” and feels the program is helping him on this path.

From each of these students’ stories, we can clearly see how IE University’s holistic, practical, and varied methodology benefits students regardless of their backgrounds or reasons for joining.

IE’s School of Architecture and Design’s A&D Day was rounded off with cocktails and an opportunity for informal talk and promises to meet again next year. It proved to be a resounding success and will surely be the first of many such events as current and former IE University students continue to leave their marks as architecture and design professionals.

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