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Welcome to ie School of Architecture and design

IE School of Architecture and Design is dedicated to creative pursuits in all their forms. We’re a place where innovative design education, creativity, entrepreneurship and community come together to do, not just to think about doing.

More than that, we believe in the power of human creativity and collaboration to shape a more sustainable, more just and more beautiful world for all.


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In this inaugural lecture, our Dean, David Goodman, explored the contributions of creative industries to a more sustainable, just, and beautiful world.

The event commenced at IE Tower, where he presented his vision for the future and outlined the central challenges ahead. Subsequently, a TownHall discussion was conducted at Segovia campus.

Watch the video to gain valuable insights from this significant event for our school.


About Us

In an international and entrepreneurial environment, IE School of Architecture and Design seeks to bridge the traditional gaps between academia and the professional world, fostering connections between creative industries and society at large.

IE School of Architecture and Design redefines design education based on pedagogical and technological innovation, project-based learning, and environmental and social responsibility.

Our school serves as a hub for diverse creative fields. We boast a robust and innovative portfolio of programs within the creative industries. Our capabilities extend to a wide range of creative disciplines, including Architecture, Design, Real Estate Development, Interior Design and Fashion Design, among others

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, nurture and deploy the power of human creativity to shape a more sustainable, more just and more beautiful world.

We prepare future leaders and expand knowledge in the creative industries.

Our Vision

Our vision is a school dedicated to creative pursuits—a living gallery and laboratory connected to a larger community, a key point in the cultural landscape and the cultural agenda wherever we operate. Our School is a place where creativity begets more creativity, which inspires further creative work, strengthens our connections with the wider community, and helps us imagine and build a better world.


Learning by Doing

IE School of Architecture and Design emphasizes a handson, holistic learning approach that integrates rigorous disciplinary study with practical experience. Through our learning-by-doing motto, students engage in every step of the creative process, fostering innovative design thinking and future-forward solutions.

This approach permeates all our programs, enabling students to develop sustainable solutions across various fields such as architecture, design, interiors, Real Estate, and fashion design, amongst others. Our interactive learning environment includes dynamic lectures, workshops, group work, and study trips, fostering collaboration and preparing students for real-world challenges.

Student projects at the school are varied, from designing a masterplan to regenerate a site to inventing an app or branding a country. These experiences prepare students for the real world of work, instilling in them the skills and determination they need to anticipate their future employers’ needs.

Through this approach, we aim to cultivate innovative professionals who understand the interconnectedness of their work and its potential impacts on society.

Learning by relating

Learning by Relating emphasizes that the world is a complex web of diverse interests that create relationships and define the social framework within which we leave our mark. We don't exist in isolation; we are always part of this dynamic social fabric.

That's why IE School of Architecture and Design takes the lead or actively participates in real projects aimed at solving problems or making a positive impact on the local or global community.

In these projects, students, under the guidance of their mentors, become an integral part and learn through their involvement. They engage with real-world agents and stakeholders, ranging from individuals and neighborhood associations to public entities and more.

This hands-on approach allows students to gain practical experience, connect theory with real-life situations, and contribute to meaningful solutions while deepening their understanding of the interconnected nature of our world.


Our Creative Mindset typically refers to an approach or mentality associated with craftsmanship and the process of creating something by hand with skill, precision, and attention to detail

While craftsmanship often involves traditional techniques, it also encourages creative thinking and innovation in problem-solving. Crafting can be a slow and deliberate process. 

People with a crafting mindset are willing to invest the time and effort required to create something exceptional. Craftsmanship is often associated with high-quality work. Those with a crafting mindset prioritize quality over quantity. 

Overall, a crafting mindset is about approaching tasks with a commitment to excellence, a focus on skill development, and a dedication to creating something meaningful and well-crafted. It applies to various fields and activities where precision and attention to detail are valued.

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