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Ten Tips for 21st Century Architects from Pritzker Prize Winner 2018 Balkrishna Doshi

During a visit to New Delhi (India) our Dean, Martha Thorne, asked prizewinning architect Balkrishna Doshi what skills and knowledge students needed to learn to practice architecture in the 21st Century.

In the following video interview, you can listen to the recommendations the 90-year-old laureate Balkrishna Doshi gives to everyone who is passionate about architecture.


 Balkrishna Doshi (photo courtesy of VSF)

Balkrishna Doshi (photo courtesy of VSF)

1. Learn to discover

2. Always remain fresh

3. Ask yourself if there is any difference from what you did yesterday

4. Specific = Unique

5. Do lots of sketches

6. Write about everything you find

7. Your building has to take roots

8. Go to a building and walk “slowly”

9. Who are you? What is the context?

10. Buildings must belong to some place


The 2018 Laureate Lecture featuring Balkrishna Doshi will be streamed live on Wednesday, May 16th at 6.30pm EST via Facebook and Instagram (@UofTDaniels) from the University of Toronto.