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Francesco Furno


Francesco Furno


Founder of Relajaelcoco


Visualization and Representation


Bachelor in Design

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Based in Madrid, Francesco is the founder of relajaelcoco, a graphic design studio with a strong rational methodology mixed with good vibes and a proactive approach to creativity and new technologies.
Thanks to his passion for visual representations, he designed Spanish magazines and explores new tech environments as Virtual Reality.
Since a young age he has always felt creativity as part of mind processes and drawing as one of the most pleasant activity.
He worked as graphic design in Italy while he was studying a Bachelor in Environmental Economics until 2006 when he moved to Barcelona to study a three-year course in Graphic Design at IED and founded his own company specializing in Editorial Design, Infographics and Data Visualization.
Holds a Bachelor in Environmental Economics (Università del Sannio, Benevento, Italia 2006) and a three-years course diploma in Graphic Design (IED Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 2009).