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Matan Mayer


Matan Mayer


Architect and Expert in Technologies
Assistant Professor, IE School of Design and Architecture


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Bachelor in Architectural Studies

Matan Mayer is an architect whose work looks at the future of manufacturing and assembly technologies for envelope and structural building components.

His past research focused on adaptive skin systems for arid environments and development of lean composite shells. He has been a doctoral researcher at the Harvard Design Robotics Group, a research fellow at the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design at the University of Stuttgart, the Composite Construction Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the Emerging Material Technologies Group at The University of Arizona.

Matan has been an active LEED Accredited Professional since 2006 and holds degrees from Tel Aviv University and Harvard University. He is a recipient of the AIA Excellence in Design Award and the Peter Rice Prize for innovation in structural design.

Latest Publications

• Mayer, M., (2020). “Material recovery certification for construction workers”. Buildings & Cities Journal, Vol. 1 (1): 550-564

• Mayer, M., Bechthold, M. (2020). “Data granularity for life cycle modelling at an urban scale”. Architectural Science Review, Vol. 63 (3-4): 351-360

• Mayer, M. (2020). “Versatile Infrastructure”. In Derrible, S., Chester, M. (Eds.). Urban Infrastructure: Reflections for 2100

• Mayer, M., Echevarría, L. (2019). “Low Impact Spans: Toward Emission-Based Structural Optimization”. In Paulo J.S. Cruz (Eds.). Structures and Architecture. Taylor & Francis