"My life has changed not just because of the program itself, but also because of all the people involved!"

Marta, Paris, France

Master in Strategic Design of Spaces

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Marta Ortigosa

About me

Marta Ortigosa Silva, originally from Alicante (Spain), started her path in the architecture field completing the Program of Interior Design Saint Martin in London after finishing the studies of Architecture at the ETSAB in Barcelona.

She returned to her hometown to gain some experience as an architect and in 2016 she was awarded the IE Architecture+ Prize.

After completing the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces in 2017, Marta stayed in Madrid, working as a Workplace Consultant and Designer at JLL to later move to Paris joining the architectural and urban planning firm Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés's.

Marta Ortigosa, Paris, France


Architect at Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés

We are an international office where people from around 20 nationalities work, so it’s always interesting to find different points of view, as we come from unique backgrounds.

As an architect, I am part of one of the project teams where we focus mainly on office buildings and retail spaces.

Chevilly La Rue Fachade

Chevilly La Rue Fachade

Some of the projects that we are working on, at the moment are ongoing, so I can not share them due to confidentiality purposes. For me, it is highly important to understand that architecture needs to respond to the changes that our society faces while connecting buildings with their surroundings and their users.

The skills that I have gained while studying at IE have helped me throughout my professional life are, of course, working hard, being a team player, able to listen and learn from everyone involved in the development of the project. I truly believe that good communication leads to better projects.

“The most challenging part of my job is to understand what clients need and try to deliver what they expect with high-quality architecture.”

What I valued and enjoyed most while studying the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces is that it focuses on the users, and puts them at the center of the design. It made us think about the experience of the users, which believe is the best route!

Chevilly La Rue Interior

Chevilly La Rue Interior

The master also focuses on the architecture of the future and how technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) will influence the design of our spaces.

My life has changed not just because of the program itself, but also because of all the people involved! The professors are the best in their fields, and my classmates shared interesting ideas that created a challenging atmosphere that really pushed our design process.

I remember the feeling I had after finishing the program! After one year of such great experiences and challenging design projects, I felt inspired and ready to take on new experiences. I was eager to continue to challenge myself!