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This bachelor degree is aimed at those who are passionate about ideas, creativity, and people, and who aspire to create innovative and meaningful environments.




5 years





The program integrates technical and humanistic teaching methods, with special emphasis on design, management, and entrepreneurship. Together, these elements cultivate students’ aesthetic judgment and encourage dialogue based on the student designer’s knowledge and concerns when it comes to working on design projects of all scales.

Thanks to IE School of Architecture and Design’s international recognition, this bachelor’s degree has an exclusive internship program that will allow you to gain real-world experience in some of the most prestigious studios worldwide.


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Letter from the Director

Dear Prospective Student,

To be an architect is to see possibility where other don’t, to imagine things differently, and to have the tools and the discipline to turn even the most outlandish ideas into tangible reality. To be an architect is to engage the world, and to change it. That’s why we’re here. And that’s what you’ll learn to do in the Architecture degree at IE University.

Our program will prepare you to think and act both globally and locally, and to see opportunities where others merely see crisis. Indeed, we see the current moment as an exciting one, as the beginning of a new way to practice architecture, and as an unprecedented moment for innovation in architecture education. We want to produce the next generation of leaders in architecture and design – those who will show us a range of paths out of or current crisis, suggesting new ideas for the future.

So, how do we do that? First, we give you the technical, creative, and entrepreneurial tools you’ll need to make a difference. Our Design Studio sequence will teach you to engage problems in the real world, and to propose new visions; our series of Experimentation Workshops will open you up to new modes of working, and new media; our Integration Workshops will introduce the technical complexity of the contemporary architectural project; our Fabrication Lab and sequence of digital coursework will give you hands-on experience, and out Alternative Practices semester will show you a range of different ways to apply your architecture training to the world around us.

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Program Overview

An integrated approach to learning and connecting to the real world.


This program allows you to use the latest digital technology from your very first year. Our digital fabrication lab lets you translate your ideas directly from paper or the computer screen to physical reality, using our laser cutter/engraver, color 3D printer, and CNC milling machine. As you experiment with these advanced tools, you will push the boundaries of what´s possible in architecture, while learning valuable technical skills. We combine these digital tools with more traditional modes of fabrication, with an extensive array of  woodworking tools.

A highly creative environment

Students are immersed in a vibrant studio atmosphere where they can develop their creativity in a dynamic working and learning environment. Thanks to the time spent in the Design Studio, you will have the chance to really interact with and learn from your peers and professors. Furthermore, our studios are equipped with the latest digital tools, ensuring that you are fully prepared to work with the most up-to-date technology from the very first year.

Architects with an entrepreneurial spirit

Design, management and visual and verbal communication skills are essential for the contemporary architect. The know-how to run a studio or business, lead projects and teams, and communicate your vision to others is relevant to become a leader in the design professions. This entrepreneurial spirit drives our program, and distinguishes our graduates in a highly competitive field.

An engaged and alternative approach

The Bachelor in Architecture takes an integrated approach to your learning. You are not only taught by architects, but also by visual artists, designers, typographers and engineers, each of whom bring different perspectives to your studies and help enrich your expressive abilities. The program also enables you to present your ideas to panels of experts from various creative fields, providing you will the essential skills to successfully present, analyze, and implement your work.

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Why study the Bachelor in Architecture at IE University?

Program Recognition

The Bachelor in Architecture was called a "hidden Gem in Global Architecture Education” by Design Intelligence magazine in 2010.