“The whole point of studying at IE University is to learn from others, connect with them, find your personal and professional passions, and—above all—enjoy Madrid!”

Michele, Italy

Dual Degree Master in Management + Master in International Relations

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Michele Mauceri

About me

Michele Mauceri was born in Bologna, and graduated from the Dual Degree in Management and International Relations in 2018. His current role combines his talents as a self-aware and committed analyst with his passion for sustainable development. In his personal life, his interests lie within music, nature, travel and ecotourism. With that in mind, Michele is constantly striving to positively change the world through his ambitions to tackle climate change.

Michele Mauceri, Italy


Analyst for Global Energy Perspectives at McKinsey & Company

Michele arrived at IE University with a business-oriented background. His previous academic experience came from an Economics & Management BBA from LUISS University in Rome and he’d gained work experience in accounting, banking & consulting in both Italy and Luxembourg. As someone with a lifelong interest in global affairs and diplomacy, IE University’s Dual Degree in Management and International Relations offered a unique opportunity to streamline two career paths that had always run parallel for Michele. Drawing on his business and economics background, he wanted to integrate international relations and sustainable development concepts into his professional vocabulary.

His experience in the program did just that. For Michele, the broad spectrum of topics and focus on up-to-date global challenges ensured constant learning—not to mention the phenomenal network of alumni and professors that the program put at his fingertips. Coming from an industry where transformational leadership is a cornerstone of success, Michele was also particularly inspired by the unique vision of the IE School of Global and Public Affairs’ dean.

The biggest influence on Michele’s time at IE University, however, came from his extraordinary classmates. His stint in Madrid was punctuated by new connections from all over the world—people he says not only helped him to learn, but also to discover his personal and professional passions. Backed by his classmates and the global support system of the IE community, Michele felt that there was complete flexibility to make mistakes and move forwards and unlock further growth.

“During my time at IE University, I learned to be curious in any given context, to seek out diversity, and to include as many perspectives as possible.”

Equipped with a fresh set of skills and rapidly expanding network, Michele was recently able to land a role as a Global Energy Perspectives Analyst at McKinsey & Company. Combining his expertise in both of his studied fields, Michele’s work has seen him collaborating with leading renewable energy companies towards a more sustainable global future. In a particularly memorable project, he was involved in assessing the potential of a wind energy value chain for a G7 government, working to uncover possible new applications.

Reflecting on the lessons learned at IE University, Michele says that developing an entrepreneurial, team-oriented mindset throughout the program has served him well. The far-reaching diversity in his course showed him the value of including as many perspectives as possible, while the sense of community within his cohort taught him how to compete with his peers in a mutually uplifting way. For Michele’s career progression, this ability to collaborate has been instrumental.

What’s more, the program opened his eyes to the importance of combining sustainable development knowledge with business approaches. Now, Michele believes that this is the most effective strategy for dealing with the challenges our planet presents. With the program offering so much food for thought in the area of sustainable development, Michele’s top piece of advice to prospective Master in International Relations students is to let the experience enrich and intensify their interest in environmental issues.

Looking forward, Michele plans to continue advancing in his field and, along the way, fuel his own passion for protecting the future of the planet. Ten years from now, he envisions working in impact investment on an international level, hoping to specialize in the area of energy transition. We’re delighted that IE University played a part in Michele’s professional trajectory and feel confident he’ll go on to drive real impact.