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We are committed to training the next generation of global leaders in governments, international organizations, corporations and civil society. We provide the best education to those who share our concern for our planet and the development of our communities. Our graduates build a better world through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, and they stand out for their dedication to making a difference through public and private service.​

At IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs, we are open and promote diverse points of view and perspectives. We seek to offer a well-rounded learning experience as specialists in political science, global affairs, public policies and economics. Our programs combine theory and practice with a hands-on approach and a strong connection to the world of practice. They are multidisciplinary and promote both critical thinking and a sense of purpose to make the world a better place. 

Students will have the opportunity to learn from leading academics and practitioners and enjoy a cutting-edge pedagogic environment, gaining access to the world’s preeminent policymakers and business executives. These resources and skills will allow students to launch or further advance their professional careers


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  • Diversity and inclusion are at our core

    With 1,500 students and over a thousand alumni, our global community fosters cross-cultural richness. Our classrooms boast 100+ nationalities, and our faculty is predominantly international. In our classes, 44% are male, 56% are female, and 12% have special needs. Additionally, 25% come from ethnic minorities, 15% from low-income families, 2% are refugees, and 15% belong to the LGBTQI+ community. This diversity and inclusion enrich our perspectives and ensures an unparalleled international learning experience.

    Ranked: 5th International students - QS WUR International Students, 2023

  • Academic Excellence

    Participating in strategic research programs, recognizing excellence through Best Paper Awards, and collaborating with esteemed institutions, we play a pivotal role in influential policymaking. Our team comprises 30 internal faculty members and more than 100 practitioner professors, contributing to the publication of around 430 articles. Moreover, we operate two specialized research centers: the Global Policy Center and the Center for the Governance of Change. As a hub for applied research and policy, we actively anticipate future trends in global politics, economics, and technology.

    Two faculty members were honored with the McGillivray Best Paper Award by APSA for their research, recognized as the top paper in Political Economy at the association's annual conference.

Manuel Muñiz | IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs

Our unique school, in the words of our Dean Manuel Muñiz.

Manuel Muñiz, Dean of IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs, explains our mission and what makes us exceptional. He expands on the qualities that students of the school share and emphasizes why we’re perfectly placed to prepare the next generation of global leaders.

Alliances & Partners

Our students benefit from valuable connections within our extensive global network. We have garnered global recognition, holding international accreditations, fostering partnerships with over 200 universities through exchange programs, collaborating with esteemed international institutions to enhance educational programs, and establishing numerous agreements with various organizations and companies, providing extensive professional opportunities.

International accreditations and academic alliances

Program Partners


As a leading higher-education institution, we’ve thought a lot about how tomorrow’s world will look and what kind of knowledge we must cultivate for our students to thrive in it. We are committed to fostering environmental and ethical stewardship as well as promoting increased awareness and public understanding.


    IE University, a European pioneer in carbon neutrality, aligns with UN Goals, engaging students in sustainability.

  • 1st worldwide in ESG and Net Zero teaching according to Financial Times MBA Ranking 2023

    IE Business School leads globally in ESG & Net Zero per Financial Times MBA Ranking 2023, focusing on career, diversity, and sustainability.

  • Responsible Business Education Awards

    IE Business School excels in the Financial Times competition for "Best Responsible Teaching Resources" with groundbreaking materials focusing on financial sustainability and innovative use of virtual reality headsets for climate change mitigation.


Solving today’s global challenges requires us to question the status quo. Our programs encourage foresight, insight and drive to create professionals with purpose—those who share our values to play a vital role in an interconnected world. We need multidisciplinary leaders with the skills and expertise to navigate uncertainty and implement lasting, positive change.

The Answer to a Changing Global Landscape | IE

Excelling in Achievements and Recognitions for Outstanding Educational Quality

Education extends beyond classroom walls, and at our school, we emphasize the significance of hands-on learning. Embracing a practice-based approach, we orchestrate a spectrum of simulations, role-playing activities, and competitions, fostering experiential learning for our students. These immersive simulations encompass research endeavors, fieldwork participation, and hands-on engagement with real-world projects. The school has won multiple awards and gained global recognition for its innovative, hands-on education approach.






The IE School of Politics, Economics, and Global Affairs trains future global leaders, nurturing innovative thinkers prepared to shape a sustainable, interconnected world. IE has more than 60.000 thousand alumni. Our alumni exemplify excellence across diverse fields, their success stories echoing the limitless career opportunities our programs provide. These graduates step into the global arena equipped with profound insights, practical expertise, and a commitment to innovative, holistic solutions, reflecting the transformative impact of our education.


Almost half of all students receive some form of financial aid. Furthermore, our school has established global partnerships to make it accessible to all, offering extra financial aid to top candidates. This support helps our students thrive and achieve their best.