IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs Partnerships

IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs Partnerships


IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs partners with multilateral organizations, governmental bodies, private stakeholders and nonprofits to provide our students with the most relevant knowledge, leadership strategies, and unique real-world opportunities, empowering them to meet the demands of an ever-changing global landscape. 

What makes the IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs experience unique is our belief in the power of transformative, hands-on projects and initiatives. Our partnerships give students benefits ranging from exchange programs and internships to participation in competitions. Learn more about our partners below.

What to know more about our programs?

Program Partners

Our programs are designed in close collaboration with a number of the world’s most prominent international organizations. Through our combined knowledge and expertise, we ensure an up-to-date education for our students and an environment in which they can make the vital connections necessary to succeed in today’s professional world. 

These leading institutions actively participate in the design and implementation of our programs, guaranteeing that students are both connected to the latest trends and developments in the field and gain practical insight into the work of international organizations.


IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have collaborated to build together our Master in International Relations. The OECD is an international organization dedicated to building better policies for better lives through the identification and advancement of best practices. 

This globally renowned institution strives to shape policies that foster prosperity, equality and opportunity for all. By working with governments, policy makers and citizens, the OECD establishes evidence-based international standards and finds solutions to a range of social, economic and environmental challenges.


IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs and the United Nations System Staff College have collaborated to design our Master in International Development. The partnership, through interagency learning and training, brings students and faculty together to advance the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda set by the United Nations. 

Events and benefits of this partnership give students the unique opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge from UN staff members and participate in UN events including a speaker series, competitions, a mentoring program, academic workshops and simulations, career workshops, research programs, internships and capstone projects.

Sciences Po

IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs and Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs have collaborated to create the Master in Technology and Global Affairs program. This innovative program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge to make a meaningful and positive impact in the intricate realm of global affairs. It offers a distinctive opportunity to gain a comprehensive perspective on the field, as both institutions integrate insights from a wide range of academic disciplines.

Located in the heart of Paris, Sciences Po has a rich and storied history in the fields of political science, international relations, and public affairs. It consistently ranks among the top three institutions worldwide for politics and international affairs according to QS rankings. Sciences Po is home to a distinguished faculty comprising renowned experts, leading scholars, practitioners, and policymakers.


IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs and the Hertie School have collaborated on a dual-degree program: the Master in International Relations and Master of International Affairs. The program spans two years, with the first year in Madrid and the second in Berlin, earning two diplomas upon completion. Tailored for professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of global affairs, this carefully curated program prepares individuals for leadership roles in government, corporations, civil society, and multilateral organizations in our rapidly changing world.

For two decades, the Hertie School has been a leader in governance and public affairs, offering master's, doctoral, and executive programs. Guided by the motto "Understand today. Shape tomorrow," it engages in interdisciplinary research, provides international education, and serves as a forum. Affiliated with CIVICA, it is accredited by the Accreditation Council and German Council of Science and Humanities.

Capstone Partners

Our Capstone Partners have included leading global organizations such as the United Nations System Staff College and UNICEF, as well as household names like Google and more. The Capstone Project is a unique opportunity for students to apply what they’ve learned at IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs in a real-world context, in collaboration with our partners. Working in groups of two or three under the supervision of a professional mentor, students apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their program to devise creative and innovative solutions to specific challenges.

Professional Partners

We collaborate with several of the world’s leading organizations to ensure that we stay at the forefront of innovative change and give our students the opportunity to build their professional profiles through unique networking events, discussions and seminars. In addition, we partner with public and private sector organizations to offer internships that enable students to gain real-world experience while expanding their network to include top industry players. 

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Our partner organizations understand the power of academics. Believing that education should never be put on hold, and be accessible to everyone, many of our collaborators offer additional opportunities for financial support to top candidate profiles, ensuring that our students are able to reach their full potential.

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The highly prestigious Fulbright Program allows participants to develop as compassionate global leaders and understand how to find tangible solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues. One of the most powerful public diplomacy tools to date, the Fulbright Program selects its participants based on their academic and professional background and their potential to become a leader of the future. Open to citizens or nationals of the US, pre-selected Fulbright candidates receive an admission offer to IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs by February. Those selected are ambitious students ready to contribute to finding solutions to today’s global challenges.

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