Journal Articles

Military conscription, external security, and income inequality: The missing link

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Public Goods Equilibria under Closed – and Open – List Proportional Representation

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Framing symbolic representation: exploring how women’s political presence shapes citizens’ political attitudes

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A Qualidade da Democracia no Brasil: Questões Teóricas e Metodológicas da Pesquisa

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“Take back control”? The effects of supranational integration on party-system polarization

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Cross-country evidence on the impact of decentralisation and school autonomy on educational performance

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Electoral Reform and Trade-Offs in Representation

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Abrupt regime shifts in post-fire resilience of Mediterranean mountain pinewoods are fuelled by land use

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Secessionist social services reduce the public costs of civilian killings: Experimental evidence from the United States and the United Kingdom

SAGE Journals - Research & Politics | December 2018

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You Don’t Stop Being Poor When You Earn Over 1.90 Dollars a Day

El Periódico | November 2018

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Do Foreign Aid Projects Attract Transnational Terrorism?

Research Gate | November 2018