Graduate summer program

duration3 weeks
intakeJuly 1-19, 2024
duration3 weeks
intakeJuly 1-19, 2024

Experience the vibrant side of Madrid: More than just academics

In our summer program, we believe that learning extends far beyond the classroom. That's why we offer extracurricular activities designed to enrich your experience and create lasting memories.

  • Explore the heart of Spain: Delve into its rich culture and history as you explore iconic landmarks, bustling streets and hidden gems. From wandering through vibrant neighborhoods to indulging in delicious cuisine, there's always something new to discover in Madrid.
  • Forge global connections: onnect with students from all corners of the globe and expand your cultural horizons. Whether you're bonding over shared experiences, exploring new cuisines together or embarking on weekend getaways, the friendships you'll form here will last a lifetime.
  • Freedom to roam: With the freedom to explore Madrid at your own pace, you'll have the opportunity to tailor your experience to suit your interests. Whether you're discovering local markets, attending cultural events or simply soaking up the city's infectious energy, Madrid is yours to explore.




International Relations
Marketing & Communication


Latin America
Middle East & Africa
Asia Pacific
North America


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nationalities represented
nationalities represented
different short courses offered


For those coming to Madrid, housing is not included in the program tuition, but IE has agreements with different student residences located near campus. Prices range from 450€ to 900€ (for the three weeks) depending on the type of room, the services included, and the location of the residence.

 Graduate Summer School students are outside in the park, sitting on the grass


Additionally, information about visas for non-European students can be found, along with housing details, to assist students in their preparations for their stay in Madrid, in the link below. All the details regarding housing options will be included in an information kit that will be sent to admitted students. Although students are responsible for finding and hiring their accommodation, the IE team will be happy to assist you with questions you may have in the process. Please check here for further information on the accommodation options.

A TYPICAL DAY AT IE Graduate Summer Program

What does an average day look like in our graduate summer program? Every day is different and full of new experiences, but this is the typical schedule you can expect during the program:

*each day visit will have the same schedule, but with different courses.

Breakfast at IE Precollege program
IE students cooking at IE Graduate summer program
IE Graduate Summer Programs at IE Tower
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Take a look at how your days will be organized at the Graduate Summer Program!

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Krush Sahghvi profile image

The IE Graduate Summer School was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I resonated with IE's inclusive and diverse values, made friends of different nationalities, and most importantly got to experience the great quality of education that IE provided alongside engaging extra-curricular activities. After completing this program and enjoying a great time in Madrid, I am convinced that I want to pursue my masters here in the future!

Krush Sahghvi

Nadezhda graduate summer program student

The IE Summer School has been contributory in realising my aspirations and dreams. It allows one to feel the atmosphere of a modern business school and deep dive into the wide range of extracurricular activities. In just three weeks, IE has impacted my mindset, illuminating my potential future career paths. Moreover, the program has afforded me the opportunity to build a valuable network and connect with great individuals from around the globe.

Nadezhda Bessmertnova

Image Paula Mora

“Being exposed to IE’s values and community for a summer gave me a new perspective on the meaning of higher education. After completing the Summer School, I knew that when the time came for me to pursue a master’s degree, IE would provide me with an unmatched educational experience.”

Paula Mora

Image Julie Skogheim

“The IE Summer School is the perfect way to get introduced to the IE community and all the exciting things it has to offer. If you’re considering coming to Madrid for your masters, it is what you should be doing next summer!”

Julie Skogheim

Image Fernando Martinez

“The international exposure during the IE Graduate Summer School as well as the practical methodology in the classrooms, and the interaction with leading global companies offered students a taste of many different industries. The amount of new friends made at IE, and the diversity among them made this experience absolutely unique.”

Fernando Martinez

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