Student Profile

Check out the class profile for the 2019 intake: + new info

  • Age Range: 18-26 (average age: 22 years)
  • 54% Female, 46% Male
  • Number of nationalities represented:  33

Academic Backgrounds:
35% – Business
16% – Engineering
12% – International Relations
10% – Law
8% – Marketing & Communication
7% – Architecture
5% – Arts
2% – Computer Science
2% – Languages
2% – Education Hospitality


Our summer school will take place at our Madrid campus located in the heart of the city, specifically in the Salamanca neighborhood. Madrid is the capital of Spain and a very modern and vibrant city with a long multicultural tradition. Three of the most important museums in the world, Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia within 1 km of IE campus. Also, the most important companies and the innovation centers like Google campus and Microsoft are located in Madrid.

Learn more about our Campus and the city.

Application process

In order to begin your application process you must complete and submit the following registration form.


Once we receive it, we will contact you.

Applications must be submitted before June 12th 2020. Early applications are recommended given the limited number of places in the program.

*If the IE Graduate Summer School is to be postponed due to any unforeseen circumstances, the student will receive a full refund

When does the program start?

The program is three weeks long.

Dates for the 2020 intake are July 6th – 24th.

Who can apply?

Our summer school is open for all undergraduate students from any background and recent graduates with less than two years of work experience.

IE Graduate Summer School Benefits: upon completion of this program, all Graduates from the Graduate Summer School will be entitled to several benefits if they apply to one of IE’s Master programs.



All the core courses are taught in English.

Additionally, optional Spanish and Chinese language courses will be offered to those who want to maximize their experience and learn more about a new language and culture.

Accommodation options

Housing is not included in the program tuition fees but IE has agreements with different student residences located near campus. Prices range from 450€ to 900€ (for the three weeks) depending on the type of room, the services included and the location of the residence.

All the details will be included in an information kit that will be sent to admitted students. Although students are responsible of finding and hiring their accomodation the IE team will be happy to assist you with any question you may have in the process. Please check here for further information on the accommodation options.

What is the cost of the program?

Total Fees: 3.200€

This includes:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Language courses
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Company visits

Early Bird Application Discount: a 500€ discount will apply if full payment of the program is done before April 15th 2020.

*If the IE Graduate Summer School is to be postponed due to any unforeseen circumstances, the student will receive a full refund

Financial Aid

Candidates are eligible to apply for a scholarship to fund their program as soon as they have submitted their completed admissions form. Scholarship applications must always be sent before the beginning of the program and preferably at least one month in advance.

Awards are based on financial need or academic excellence and evidence that the candidate is highly motivated to attend the program.

A scholarship covers part of the tuition fees, but not accommodation, transportation nor other living expenses.

For more information on the scholarship application process: Schoolarships for the IE Summer School

For more practical information about your stay in Madrid, visit our Student Services website.

The IE Summer School courses are taught by the same outstanding faculty that teach in our internationally recognized master degrees. Classes are dynamic and very interactive and will change the way you see the world.

The focus during the first week will be on developing key soft skills through workshops in public speaking, leardership, personal branding, teambulding and creative management thinking.

During weeks two and three students will specialize in one of the following areas: International Finance, Marketing & Communication, World Politics and Political risk, Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology, Global legal professionals and their challenges.

But the IE Summer experience goes beyond the academic. The program will give you the chance to work hand to hand with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, becoming part of a network that spans the globe and making life time friendships.

During weeks 2 & 3 you will specialize
in one of the following areas of your choice.

Marketing & Communication

IE Summer Schoo Marketing and Communication


In the Marketing & Communication track you will learn the foundations and main functions of marketing and communication in order to reach the right target and engage with the audiences of a product or service. The main professional areas of marketing and communication will be covered from a practical and applied point of view. You will also touch on the latest trends in the field to realize how they empower businesses and brands, enabling them to create and sustain competitive advantage.

Global Governance and Sustainable Development

IE Summer School World Politics and political risk

Global Governance and Sustainable Development

International politics has become increasingly complex and unpredictable amidst civil conflicts, financial crises, unexpected vote results (like Brexit and Trump’s victory), the specter of terrorism and climate change. Pondering solutions to problems of global governance and trying to predict future threats is a task not only for diplomats but also for entrepreneurs. This track will present fundamentals aspects of international relations and is geared towards students who are considering careers in foreign policy, international organizations, humanitarian work, corporate communication, strategy and political risk analysis.


IE Summer School Entrepreneurship


The Entrepreneurship track will heighten the entrepreneurial spirit of the students. Upon its completion, participants should be able to recognize the fundamental features of the entrepreneurial mindset, behaviors and skills, and understand the central role of creativity and observation in identifying and developing entrepreneurial opportunities either as standalone businesses, social enterprises, or as part of a larger corporation. Additionally, the participants will learn how to execute the business model of an entrepreneurial venture, manage its growth, and deal with investors and legal issues.

International Finance

IE Summer School International Finance


In the International Finance track students will cover the key and most trendy topics of the finance industry such as Private Equity & Entrepreneurship, Valuation, Derivatives, Risk Management, Capital Markets and Alternative markets. With or without previous studies of finance, if you feel passionate about embarking on an ambitious career in the financial world, this course will be a great stepping stone towards your goal.

Innovation and Technology

IE Summer School Innovation and Technology


In the Innovation and Technology track students will be exposed to the key areas of knowledge that are changing the world, like digital transformation, big data, digital innovation, and disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics or 3D printing. In a world where the leading companies, the game-changers, are digital players, understanding the interplay of technology, innovation and management is a key capability that we will help you develop. With or without previous knowledge of technology or innovation, this track will help you kick start your career as a digital innovator.

International Business Law and Innovation

IE Summer School Global Legal Professionals and their Challenges

International Business Law and Innovation

Legal Practice is increasingly global, multidisciplinary and technological. The entrepreneurial ecosystem is redefining legal practice in different ways and global society faces challenges of special kind and consequence. Legal professionals must be ready not just to adapt to these trends but also be able and willing to drive change. This track will show through the work and experience of relevant global law practitioners what are the challenges of the global legal career and how to be prepared to face them.

Good Design is Good Business

IE Good Design is Good Business

Good design is good business

Now more than ever, design and creativity are playing a major role in everything we do. From problem solving, to navigating unpredictable landscapes and inspiring growth in others, it is becoming clear that a creative mindset is crucial to success in the world today. With IE’s Good Design is Good Business Summer Program, students will explore design and creative thinking as concepts that drive us to evolve and accomplish our business goals. This program reveals the operations and processes that fuel creativity, while allowing managers and entrepreneurs alike to redefine creative thought as it applies to their industries.

Global Humanities and Critical Thinking


Global Humanities and Critical Thinking

Globalization and the Digital Revolution are stretching our current societies. In this complex and ever-changing world, Humanities provide us the tools to understand them. To face the big questions, from the role of citizenship to the digitalization of humankind, we need to acknowledge our intellectual and cultural heritage. This course covers the primary means of human expression (Arts, Philosophy, Literature, History) and their evolution in today’s world. Additionally, the program includes on-site sessions at historical landmarks to thoroughly understand their impact on the current global landscape.

Please note that in the case of a track not meeting the minimum requirements to complete a class, we cannot guarantee that that particular track will go ahead

9.30-10.50: Design Thinking Workshop
10.55-12.15: Marketing
12.20-13.40: Strategy
13.45-14.45: Lunch Break
15.00-16.00: Spanish Language & Culture
16.00-18.00: Visit to the Prado Museum or to a company

*each day you will have the same schedule, but with different courses

How to apply

The Summer School application process is carried out online. You will need to complete a registration form with your personal, academic and profesional information, and answer an essay. Once you submit your application we will get in touch with you to schedule an interview.

Applications must be submitted before before June 12th 2020. Places cannot be guaranteed for applications received after that date. Early application is recommended as places for the program are limited (during the 2018 intake a waiting list had to be opened).

Remember there is an early bird application discount (500€) for place reservations completed before March 20th 2020.


- Once you pass your summer school program, you will be awarded a certificate from IE with all the courses that you’ve completed.

- As an IE Summer School Alumni, you will have an application fee waiver if you decide to apply to one of our master programs and you will enjoy a fast-track
admissions process!

Spend your summer at a top-ranked school!