The COVID-19 pandemic has given new meaning to the need for businesses, institutions, and individuals to adapt to unexpected challenges. At IE University, we believe that challenging times create incredible opportunities. For this reason, we’ve redesigned our IE Graduate Summer School program to continue helping you build the future you want for yourself.

Join the IE Graduate Summer School 100% Online

Student Profile

Check out the class profile for the 2019 intake:
• Age Range: 18-26 (average age: 22 years)
54% Female, 46% Male
• Number of nationalities represented: 33

Academic Backgrounds:
35% – Business
16% – Engineering
12% – International Relations
10% – Law
8% – Marketing & Communication
7% – Architecture
5% – Arts
2% – Computer Science
2% – Languages
2% – Education Hospitality

What I will Learn

The IE Graduate Online Summer School Academy is a unique and innovative one-week program designed for ambitious undergraduate students and recent graduates. Students will strengthen their strategic business skills through sessions focused on Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Communication, and Leadership. Alongside enriching extra-curricular activities, the program includes a virtual in-company session and a multimedia business case presentation that offers first-hand industry insights from leading experts in their fields.  It is the perfect opportunity for students to experience IE´s values of academic excellence and build a truly global network.

Application process

In order to begin your application process you must complete and submit the following registration form.


Once we receive it, we will contact you.

Applications must be submitted before June 30th, 2020. Early applications are recommended given the limited number of places in the program.

When does the program start?

The program is one week long.

Dates for the 2020 intake are JULY 6th–10th, 2020

Classes from Monday to Friday from 4–7 p.m. (Madrid time)

Who can apply?

Our summer school is open for all undergraduate students from any background and recent graduates with less than two years of work experience.

IE Graduate Summer School Benefits: upon completion of this program, all Graduates from the Graduate Summer School will be entitled to several benefits if they apply to one of IE’s Master programs.



All the courses are taught in English.

Additionally, optional Spanish and Chinese language courses will be offered to those who want to maximize their experience and learn more about a new language and culture.

What is the cost of the program?

Total Fees: 900€

This includes:
• Tuition Fees
• Extracurricular activities
• Technology Fees

Financial Aid

Candidates are eligible to apply for a scholarship to fund their program as soon as they have submitted their completed admissions form. Scholarship applications must always be sent before the beginning of the program and preferably at least one month in advance.

Awards are based on financial need or academic excellence and evidence that the candidate is highly motivated to attend the program.

A scholarship covers part of the tuition fees, but not accommodation, transportation nor other living expenses.

For more information on the scholarship application process: Schoolarships for the IE Summer School

Why join the program?

1) During the program, you’ll follow online courses taught by the same outstanding faculty that teaches at IE’s postgraduate programs.
2) You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the management principles that are part of any business strategy from financial, marketing, technological, and entrepreneurial perspectives. You’ll also gain insights into the economic and social implications of developing global solutions in times of crisis.
3) You will participate in online extracurricular activities, both social and cultural, as part
of a group of like-minded students currently living in more than 20 different countries.
4) Experience the IE Blended Methodology. The program’s unique environment will improve your digital skills and prepare you for the challenges of digital transformation.
5) Boost your soft skills through workshops in leadership, personal branding, team building, and creative management thinking.


Leadership in the Digital Era

Through this workshop, students will understand the power of soft leadership skills that promote a culture of innovation, especially in uncertain and extreme times such as now. The session will be informative and hands on—including a dynamic interactive challenge. Learn how we can inspire each other to take responsibility and put ideas and values together.

Personal Branding

In this session, you will learn how to use strategic marketing and personal branding techniques for designing, enhancing, and promoting your professional image. You will learn how to use network marketing and impression management to showcase your skills to prospective employers and colleagues.

The Power of Positive Storytelling

You will learn how to positively frame a story to produce positive changes and generate goodwill within an organization. “The Power of Positive Storytelling” promises to teach you skills that will enable you to lead by example. The professor will focus on tactics that will help you tell short, compelling stories that inspire and motivate so others follow your lead.

Financial Market Analysis

This class introduces the financial market analysis. It will take a look into market efficiency theory and the way the different financial actors interact in the market. Upon completion, you will have an intuitive knowledge of financial principles and an understanding of the key financial levers that drive financial performance.

A Toolkit for Geopolitical Shocks

Right now, the world is experiencing at least two “Black Swans” (and they may be mating): COVID-19 and an oil price war. All business schools offer you frameworks for sound decisions
in conventional times: so-called strategic frameworks like Porter’s Five Forces, the Four Ps
of Marketing, and Discounted Cash flow. But how do you model—or at least think through clearly—geopolitical shocks, and “Black Swans” like COVID-19 and the oil price war? While there’s no crystal ball to reveal the future, this session will provide you with a toolkit to make sense of the present and plan for what may come.

Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Sustainable Impact by Design

In the last few years, we’ve witnessed the emergence of a broad variety of concepts all of which ultimately capture the importance of private-sector initiatives in building a future better world. In this session, we will discuss the cultural/social changes that have led to this new scenario where companies and their clients are sharing responsibilities that in the past were attributed mostly to Public Administration and NGOs. Social Entrepreneurship is a rapidly changing business field that examines the practice of identifying, starting and growing organizations that strive to advance social change through innovative solutions. Specifically, we will discuss how social entrepreneurs, whose startups are born in this hybrid space, break molds to implement solutions for some of the most prevalent problems facing humanity.

Trillion Dollar Scaleups

While entrepreneurship is often primarily associated with startups, there is another class of innovative company called the scaleup, which is increasingly a bigger recruiter of graduates from Business Schools than banks and consulting firms. In this session, students will look at eight areas where fast growing companies are fighting to be the winners in markets worth over a trillion dollars. These are Artificial Intelligence, Automative, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Bitcoin & Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Digital Health, Financial Services and Internet of Things. Specifically, we will use the analysis of CB Insights to identity the names of these scaleups, understand the problems they are trying to solve and ask would they be good places to work in the future?

Creating Value, the Role of Marketing

This session is aimed at introducing the students to the marketing concept and the role of marketing in creating value for customers. Specifically, understanding the customer through the beginning of its journey, from the moment a need is detected, the search of the right product to cover that need, the choice of a certain brand and the final stage when the product is used by them. We will explain what a value proposition consists of and learn how companies write them and then implement them through the marketing mix elements.

International Business Development- A Human Touch

In a globally super-connected, multicultural, and diverse world, international business development roles require more than just theory and methodologies. It requires human capabilities, attitudes, and behaviors that will shape your future career as a professional in the 21st century. This is mixed of inspirational and practical activity in which participants will learn how they can leverage their studies experiences to create, build, and shape their international, multicultural, and diverse expertise required for today’s economy.

How to apply

The Summer School application process is carried out online. You will need to complete a registration form with your personal, academic and professional information, and answer an essay. Once you submit your application we will get in touch with you to schedule an interview.

Applications must be submitted before before June 30th 2020. Places cannot be guaranteed for applications received after that date. First-come, first-served basis. Your spot is not secured until the payment (€900) has been received.


- Once you pass your summer school program, you will be awarded a certificate from IE with all the courses that you’ve completed.

- As an IE Summer School Alumni, you will have an application fee waiver if you decide to apply to one of our master programs and you will enjoy a fast-track
admissions process!

Spend your summer at a top-ranked school!