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Our graduate & college summer programs aim to help you transition from a bachelor’s program to a master’s program, and make the most of the new wealth of opportunities at your feet. Immersed in the center of Madrid and surrounded by other motivated and ambitious individuals, you’ll expand your horizons through a new academic and personal challenge.

Spend your days pushing your critical thinking skills to new heights and gaining new industry-specific insights, all while honing your teamwork and communication skills. Then, unwind in the evenings with your new friends from all over the world and get a true taste of what Madrid has to offer.

IE University is a world-renowned institution driven by innovation—we’d love to help you develop your potential.

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The IE Graduate Summer Program presents an inventive and dynamic program specifically crafted for ambitious undergraduate students and recent graduates. This initiative is designed for those seeking to expand their horizons through a uniquely distinctive and innovative amalgamation of academic and personal development, all set against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Madrid, offering an invaluable and enriching summer experience.

Two IE students at the IE Tower

certificates for undergaduate students

Acquire skills and knowledge in the business domain, enhance your resume and professional profile. Whether it's mastering project management, financial analysis, or entrepreneurship skills, certificates offer targeted recognition of expertise. As more industries prioritize specialized knowledge, these certificates become crucial indicators of competence and dedication within the business landscape.

IE SUMMER program

Certificates for Graduate & College students