IE Virtual Talent Forum 2021 April 15th to May 13th

IE Talent Forum

IE’s Talent Forum is the largest of our recruiting events, connecting students with top recruiters from around the world. In 2020, in the true IE innovative spirit, we shifted the event entirely into the digital space and created the IE Virtual Talent Forum.

The past year, IE’s Virtual Talent Forum broke out of physical boundaries with a total of 300 recruiting partners and 1,800 students! Together, we have successfully created a new and fully digital recruiting experience .

That is why we look forward to be hosting the spring edition of the virtual forum very soon. On April 15th , 22nd , 29th,  May 6th and May 13th, from 12:00 CET to 16:00 CET, we are inviting top companies from dedicated sectors to join this unique recruiting adventure.

During this school-wide event,  recruiters will be able to connect with top IE candidates and promote their companies to our entire student body, including undergraduate, masters and MBA students. On their side, students will be provided with a chance to explore their career options across industries and showcase their talent.


  • April 15th

  • April 22nd

  • April 29th

  • May 6th

  • May 13th

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April 15th

Consulting, International Organizations & Social Impact

April 22nd

Industry, Real Estate, Architecture & Design

April 29th

Consumer & Luxury Goods, Retail

May 6th

Financial Services & Fintech

May 13th

Tech & Digital Platforms

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