The team | IE Talent and Careers


Our professionals work with the sole purpose of creating synergies of development and success between the IE community, companies and institutions.

The team | IE Talent and Careers
The team | IE Talent and Careers
The team | IE Talent and Careers
The team | IE Talent and Careers

IE Talent & Careers works closely with both students and alumni as well as with companies and institutions.

The team covers the employer universe by sectors and geographic regions and works proactively with top recruiters to source exclusive job opportunities that are published on the IE Career Portal, to boost the professional visibility of the IE community and to give recruiters access to IE talent that best fit their hiring needs.

At the same time, they serve as Career Advisors for both general and sector-specific professional matters, being the main point of contact within IE Talent & Careers throughout the academic year. They aim to help students plan, clarify, and discuss career plans by using a strategic career-defining methodology.

Leadership team

Erik Schlie | IE Talent and Careers

Erik Schlie

Vice President for Global Alumni and Talent & Careers

Eva Valbuena | IE Talent and Careers

Eva Valbuena

Executive Director

Ana Herranz | IE Talent and Careers

Ana Herranz

Director of Alumni Career Services and Research

Raquel Rolo | IE Talent and Careers

Raquel Rolo

Director of Employer Relations & Partnerships​

Johan Turcios | IE Talent and Careers

Johan Turcios

Director of Career Education, Advising and Resources​

Beatriz García-Bernalt | IE Talent and Careers

Beatriz García-Bernalt

Director of Career Services for IE Business School​

Carlos Diez | IE Talent and Careers

Carlos Diez

Director of Career Services IEU

Enrique Peñalba | IE Talent and Careers

Enrique Peñalba

Director of Operations​

Raquel Mediavilla | IE Talent and Careers

Raquel Mediavilla

Senior Associate Director Business Development

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