Success Stories

Siddhartha, United Arab Emirates

Operations Excellence Manager, Averda
“My career interest has always been to work in industries that have a direct impact on the environment and are focused on sustainability."
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Alison, Spain

Project Manager Digital & Media - International, Chanel
“Take advantage of the career fairs, participate in relevant programs such as the LVMH Inside program. Join IE Luxury & Fashion club and be an active member, talk to your classmates and stay positive!”
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Bodo, Netherlands

Senior Director, Global Head of Market Access and Reimbursement CoE, Philips
"Be yourself and focus on the strength that you have. If the interviewer sees your passion - he/she will believe in your honest interest in the position."
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Sebastian , Colombia

Commerical Manager, Anheuser-Busch InBev
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Ana, Spain

Pricing Analyst, BP
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Sixtine , France

General Inspection Program, Société Générale
"IE is like an ecosystem, to make the most of it, you need to look for resources beyond the classroom."
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Jan-Philipp, EEUU

Leader of the Automotive Sales & Marketing office , NXP
"I was unfortunately not blessed with the clarity some people have from early on as to what they want to become. So I had a find out for myself."
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Edgar , Spain

Equity Researcher, Amiral Gestion
"One of the main reasons why I got the job: I was able to position myself as an expert among experts even before getting hired."
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Xuhui , China

Risk analyst, BBVA
"My career advisor stressed the importance of "being yourself" in the interview. Don’t try to guess what type of person the company likes. They want to see who you really are."
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Valeriia , Ukrania

Participant of Management Staff, Gas Natural Fenosa
"Regular sessions with my Career Advisor helped me to elaborate a consistent strategy."
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