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IE helps thousands of companies identify and recruit the talent they need to meet and exceed their goals.

Recognized as one of the world’s leading educational institutions, IE shapes leaders who promote innovation and change at organizations, equipping them with an entrepreneurial mindset that creates jobs, wealth, and social welfare. With over 70.000 alumni in more than 165 countries and the diversity to drive innovation, IE is the perfect partner for your company or institution. We are committed to helping you identify and select the talent that best suits your organization’s needs.
IE Talent & Careers covers all areas of expertise, both sector-specific and functional, including the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills in such high demand today, to help all our recruiting partners globally to source talent, find solutions to enhance an employer’s brand and attract the right candidates.

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We have a wide range of on-campus and virtual activities to support you on your talent sourcing needs.

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We support our sponsors with exclusive employer branding and premium talent-sourcing solutions. Discover how we can work together to create value.

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