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Your Career Journey at IE

Once a self-assessment  has been conducted, individual career goals have been defined and company research has allowed to narrow down the best options, you are prepared to start applying to job opportunities and participate in interviews. IE Talent & Careers supports you throughout all these phases and in the development and execution of your career strategy by offering a wide range of tools and resources as well as on and off campus events.


Calls for Applications

Receive e-mail based notifications of top graduate programs and internship opportunities throughout the entire duration of the program directly from our team of sector-specific Career Advisors.

Talent Forums

Our flagship event: sector-specific recruitment fairs are held throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to meet directly with recruiters of a particular industry.

On-campus assessment centers and interviews

You will be invited to apply to these recruiting activities when companies come on-campus to hire for positions or rotational/development programs.

Job Postings

On the IE Career Portal, an exclusive careers platform for the IE community, you will be able to find our job board with over 400 new opportunities posted every month. Remember to use your Career Advisor’s assistance, paired with the guides, tools, resources and exclusive access to external platforms to prepare for recruitment processes.

CV Books

CV Books are a collection of CVs that are distributed to employers proactively or upon their request. CV Books are created based upon a mix of one or more criteria: program, intake, nationality, sector, function, geographical preference or company of interest. Companies use them to: pinpoint the right candidates fast, access students at once, search profiles and filter CVs to meet their recruitment needs.

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