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The Uncover IE blog is home to all the information you could possibly need to guide your path to success as a prospective master’s student, professional or executive at IE University. Find out what IE Uncover has in store for you.

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At IE University, your success is our priority. We work relentlessly to ensure that you are equipped with the tools necessary to unlock your potential far before stepping in the classroom. We want to give you as much information as possible so that you can be confident about your program selection, as well as get a glimpse into what your professional and personal life at IE University could look like. That’s why we’ve created the Uncover IE blog—to help you stay up to date with all things IE University and kickstart your future in the best way we know how—the IE University way. 

Uncover IE is a new blog with content specifically for potential and current master’s students, professionals or executives. On the blog, you’ll find posts about a variety of topics—from our admissions process, unique programs, exciting events, life in Madrid and much more. 

What is Uncover IE for?

Uncover IE highlights everything you need to know about what it means to become an IE University student, and what doors are open to you post graduation. We write content for you about specific career paths and professional outcomes, tailored to what you want to know. The blog is designed to support you in your journey from the very start by offering knowledge or information on a specific topic or industry, detailing the admissions processes or offering advice on program selection—it’s truly all things IE University.

What can Uncover IE do for me? 

The Uncover IE blog is an excellent resource for you to learn about all aspects of IE University. On the blog, we offer five sections, each with different content. 

– IE Core 

IE Core is home to news about IE University events, including visits from NGOs like the United Nations, and our very own events and initiatives. With articles on topics ranging from clubs and celebrations to entrepreneurship, unique approaches to sustainability and the future of higher education, the IE Core section of Uncover IE has all you need to get to grips with the essentials of IE University.

This section reflects our core values and highlights how we implement them in activities and the day-to-day lifestyle of our university.

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– Student Life 

All you need to know about what’s going on in Madrid and how to make the most of your time with us. Whether you’re an international student living away from home or know Madrid like the back of your hand, we have something to offer you. In this section, we share a few of our favorites, from spots around the country to visit with your friends and top local dishes to the best running trails if you need to clear your head. This section highlights the IE Experience and gives you a sneak peek into what could be your everyday life. 

– Career Paths 

Find out how to adapt to changing landscapes and stay ahead of the competition with our insights into how to broaden your skill set and where specific fields are heading in the future. With a bachelor’s program already under your belt, these career tips will help you either make the decision about which master’s program is right for you or what your post-graduation path could look like. 

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From tips on finding your path in the Marketing, Communications & Sales sector to exploring the different tracks available for tech and data professionals, Uncover IE has you covered.

– Learnings & Academics

Find out what our current students are doing and how you can make the most of your potential at IE University. The Learnings & Academics section is home to information on our programs, including our newly designed ones, and insights to help you decide which program is for you and will help you achieve your goals. With tips on how to improve your SEO and an in-depth  dive into some of our faculty’s research initiatives, this section answers the hard-hitting questions about the real world of work.  

– Becoming an IE Student 

From guides to our unique admissions process to insights about the resources available to you as an IE University student, we’ve thought of everything you may need. Here you will find tips to help you stand out during the application process, advice on becoming a straight-A student, ways to get involved in the IE Community and more. We want you to get the absolute most out of your IE Experience. 

So if you’re a young professional, well-established executive, or making the transition from an undergraduate program to a master’s program at IE University, Uncover IE has all the information you need.

No matter which school your program is from, there will be something for you to help you settle in and make the most of your experience. 

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