Do you want to launch or grow your Marketing, Communication and Sales career? Choosing one area of specialization will help you stand out.

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It’s an exciting time to be in Marketing, Communication and Sales. The world is more connected than ever before through social media and other digital platforms, and the rise of data, digital transformation and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence have changed the face of the industry forever.

Studying a general Marketing, Communication and Sales degree is a great way to get your foot in this dynamic field industry. However, a specialized program will help you find—and thrive in—your niche, right from the start.

Reap the benefits of specialization (why specialize)

In today’s competitive job market, specialization is the only way to stand out. Hard and soft skills are a must, but companies are also looking for professionals with dedicated expertise in content creation, data analytics, behavioral science, omnichannel marketing, customer experience or innovation, among others.

By narrowing your focus to a particular specialization area, you will become an indispensable asset for any organization, capable of landing the most sought-after roles and receiving critical acclaim in the field. It will also give you the specific knowledge and skill set to make an impact.

“Through specialization, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, making you better equipped to offer clients targeted solutions that work.”

Why specializing in Marketing, Communication and Sales is a game-changer

Students in IE University’s Marketing, Communication and Sales programs further benefit from our faculty’s industry expertise, which is deeply embedded in our curriculums. Our professors are comprised of leading academics and active practitioners who boast years-long experience in their fields. With their technical mastery, fresh industry insights, real-world experience and practical know-how, you will become an in-demand professional with a wide range of creative, analytical and problem-solving skills.

By narrowing your focus to a particular specialization area, you will become an indispensable asset for any organization.

Choices, choices—how will you specialize?

There are many paths to specialization available at IE University. These innovative master’s programs cover diverse areas of Marketing, Communication and Sales, giving you the chance to curate a path aligned with your interests, ambitions and long-term goals. They are designed for transformation, offering a unique learning journey that will position you to connect consumers with brands in unique, creative ways.

  1. Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication

The Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication is designed for professionals with a strategic, forward-thinking business mindset. This top-ranked program provides a 360° view of communication, management and digital strategies. In doing so, it helps professionals develop the ability to leverage marketing, communication, branding and reputation management in driving organizational growth. We also offer the Executive Master in Strategic Marketing and Communication, for professionals who wish to study online and part-time while continuing to work.

  1. Master in Digital Marketing

On the other hand, the Master in Digital Marketing will turn you into a digital guru, equipped with the skills to lead companies’ digital automation, customer analytics and channel optimization efforts. With a deep understanding of how to manage campaign analytics and performance, you’ll set yourself up for long-term success in the digital space.

  1. Master in Creative Direction, Content and Branding

Our Master in Creative Direction, Content and Branding takes a different approach. In light of the vast amount of content generated today, brands are searching for creative strategy and content production experts to help them stand out. If that sounds like you, this program will take you on an immersive deep dive into storytelling, creative direction and cutting-edge media strategies. By graduation, you’ll be able to align creativity with a brand’s communication needs.

  1. Master in Customer Experience and Innovation

If your interests lie more on the tech side of things, our Master in Customer Experience and Innovation is the ideal choice. This program will show you how to use innovation to build seamless customer experiences that work across platforms, products and services. You’ll learn to harness the power of human-centered design, service design, product design and experience design to develop solutions fit for the digital and physical world.

  1. Master in Market Research and Consumer Behavior

The Master in Market Research and Consumer Behavior, on the other hand, will help you understand how human behavior influences consumer’s choices and buying decisions. With in-depth insights and marketing intelligence, you’ll have the creative and digital skills to help brands address consumer needs.

Take to The Stage

No matter which program you choose, however, your experience on The Stage will form an integral part of your journey. The Stage is a unique concept, where you’ll come together with students from all five of our full-time Marketing, Communication and Sales programs to explore the fundamentals of the field.

Why specializing in Marketing, Communication and Sales is a game-changer

The Stage is about collaborative growth. Here, you will share knowledge, gain communal support and master new avenues of audience engagement through creativity, storytelling and experience creation.

The Stage is an essential part of your learning experience and will provide a firm foundation throughout your academic journey—from the Common Core Period, which begins with the fundamental building blocks that you will study alongside students from every other Marketing, Communications and Sales program, to your specialized program, right up to graduation and beyond.

Your journey starts here

Pursuing a specialized program in Marketing, Communication and Sales guarantees your success in this field. You won’t just gain access to a wider range of career opportunities, but also become a versatile, dynamic professional capable of adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market.