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Alumni Making a Difference

The IE community stands for Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Innovation/Technology and Humanities. In difficult times, we practice resilience, build character, and look for the possibilities to enable change. Thank you to the members of our community that make us proud and exemplify the spirit of standing up in the face of adversity through initiatives that inspire us!

Stories of alumni (21)

Providing cross-disciplinary dialogue,

Our Alumnus, Theo Richardson-Gool, Graduate of the MIR 2018, started a global initiative to promote awareness and constructive cross-disciplinary dialogue concerning COVID-19. To provide a bridge between practitioner advice, expert analysis, and eye-witness experience, and reinforce the WHO guidance.

Donations to the hospitality industry,

IE Alumnus and Mahou San Miguel General Director, Alberto Rodríguez Toquero, has started a global plan to improve the recovery of the hospitality industry in Spain, which has been greatly impacted by this crisis. They are going to provide many of their hospitality clients with water and beer in order to reduce costs in anticipation of a return to business as usual. This extra investment will entail a quantity of around 75 million Euros. Moreover, Mahou San Miguel Foundation has donated personal protective equipment and 275.000 litres of water to hospitals, food banks and soup kitchens, and more than €300.000 to the Red Cross so that they can guarantee food and hygiene to more than 10.000 people experiencing difficulties during this crisis.
Mahou San Miguel

Saving Tourism,

As the leader of the innovation and digital transformation strategy of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Natalia Bayona is in charge of bringing “Healing Solutions Tourism Challenge” to life, a global call to all entrepreneurs, startups, innovators ready to implement solutions to recover tourism.

Helping to find the cure,

Javier López-Belmonte, VP & CFO of ROVI donated 1m masks and 1K of protective suits. Aditionally, Rovi has financed a clinical trial in collaboration with the HM Hospitals Foundation using our flagship drug, Bemiparine, in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 related to pneumonia.

3D Printing Ventilators,

Our alumnua, Madhumita Dans, co-founder of the Vidhi Fundacion, used 3D printers to produce medical equipment, have also launched a GoFundMe campaign to directly invest in meeting community needs for orphanages, handicapped homes and other organizations.

No person left unfed,

Clemente Loriente, CEO of Incarlopsa, a meat group specialized in porcine products, realized from the beginning of this health crisis that his duty was to ensure that no one was left without food.

Feeding Heroes,

Nuestro alumnus, Hugo Rodríguez de Prada, co-fundador de GROSSO NAPOLETANO e impulsor de FOOD4HEROES. la iniciativa en la que cientos de marcas de restauración y alimentación se unen para ofrecer alimentos y bebidas a más de 50 hospitales en España.

Free access to programing app for kids,

IE Alum, João Magalhães, CEO of Ubbu, is offering free access to all parents and schools affected by COVID-19. Ubbu teaches programming and computer science to children aged 6 to 12, making these young minds ready for the future.

Virtualizing Mental Health Care for Communities in Need,

David Cohn (IMBA 2010), founder of Regroup Telehealth and Chief Growth Officer of InSight + Regroup, has virtualized mental healthcare, allowing individuals to safely continue or start treatments when it works for them without risk of exposure.

3D Printing Ventilators,

Our alumnus, Mathias Vázquez Rodríguez, co-founder of the Vidhi Fundacion, used 3D printers to produce medical equipment, have also launched a GoFundMe campaign to directly invest in meeting community needs for orphanages, handicapped homes and other organizations.

Bringing the world together through fitness,

Marco Sagrera (IMBA 2008) co-founder, partner and EVP at Loud And Live is spearheading United in Movement, an initiative focused on harnessing the power of fitness to bring the world together in movement. All proceeds will be donated to Action Against Hunger, Red Cross Global, and the CrossFit Foundation.
Loud and Alive

3D Printing Ventilators,

Our alumnus, Robin John, founder of Stemlabs and Infrolabs, jumped in with their 3D printers and expertise as Spain scrambled to respond to the soaring numbers of intensive care patients with needing ventilators to breathe. “When I heard of Italian startups making parts for ventilators, I thought why not reach out to local hospitals. “Now I supply 10-15 parts a day for free, with eight 3D printers running in my living room.” His printed parts are now available in Hospital Princesa and Hospital de Torrejón in Madrid.

Building Sustainable Research Teams,

Our alumnus, Jeremy Whitty, Director of Development at The Global Health Network, immediately turned part of this online platform, designed for several international programs to build sustainable research teams and promote knowledge exchange, into a ‘pop up’ hub to share information and hold webinars related to Covid19. 
COVID 19 Research Hub

Platform connecting poeple to help,

Marina Gómez Fernández, entrepreneur and a graduate of the Global Executive MBA 2015 class, tapped into logistical, technical and legal support from IE to launch the platform SOS COVID-19 to connect people in need of help with people that can help. In just over a week, this single idea travelled from Italy to a committed team in Spain, and it was transformed into reality. 

COVID-19 Rapid testing packages,

Our alumnus, Daniel Neves, Chief Business Developer at Biosurfit, announced the company has launched rapid screening test packages for Covid-19. Through spinit® technology and the combination of tests, these packages allow for early diagnosis, protecting patients at a greater risk. These tests aim to serve mobile units located in strategic locations, such as large companies in different sectors, with ongoing activities, public and private hospitals, security forces, among others.

A Platform for Outstanding Citizens,

Gustavo Fernández-Mazarambroz (EMBA 2014), from IE’s Social Innovation department and Fernando Fernandez de Córdoba Pascual (EMBA 2007 y PSFE 2011), ENERBUILD CEO, launched a platform that features outstanding citizens battling COVID-19.
España Colabora

Helping the Elderly,

David Gonzales Prieto (IMBA 2011), DepenCare CEO, launched initiatives to help the elderly/dependents in Spain cope during the current situation by offering discounts and free consultations on dependency and orthopaedic products.

Helping China and the world,

Javier Gimeno (IMBA 1989), SVP of Saint-Gobain and CEO of Asia Pacific has done everything they can to help fight COVID-19 by protecting employee welfare, producing and providing protective suits and masks in China and now worldwide.

Donating Connectivity and Safety,

Meinrad Spenger (IMBA 2000), MASMOVIL Group CEO, donated 2k mobile devices and 400 wireless routers with voice & data to Madrid healthcare centers to keep staff and patients connected. As well, provided 1m masks to keep health workers safe.
More Info

Keep kids learning,

Bernhard Niesner (IMBA 2007), CEO & Co-founder of Busuu. Busuu launched #keepkidslearning, an initiative offering free, live-streamed language lessons for kids worldwide that were affected by imposed school closures.

Hotel converts into hospital,

Abel Matutes (IMBA 2006), Palladium Hotel Group president, turned Ayre Gran Hotel Colon into an extended hospital wing to provide care to those in need. Abel and his partner consider this to be their duty during this difficult time.
Palladium Hotel Group