As IE Alumni you are in a great position to help others in the Alumni Community achieve their full potential, by volunteering your time you will be able to stay connected with the school while contributing to its development in a very valuable way.

If you want to collaborate, check out the different collaboration opportunities below. Collaborating opportunities go from 1 minute to full time.

Alumni Pledge

6 ways to actively participate in the alumni community:

  1. RECOMMEND: Recommend IE to colleagues, friends, and family and carry the IE brand with pride.
  2. CONNECT: Connect IE to your companies and organizations when you need to recruit talent.
  3. INSPIRE: Inspire others by sharing your experiences and supporting them in their professional journeys. 
  4. VOLUNTEER: Volunteer with IE stakeholders to support recruitment, career advancement, and other alumni initiatives.
  5. PARTICIPATE: Participate in alumni events and get involved with IE Clubs around the world to enhance networking.
  6. GIVE BACK: Give back to extend the opportunity to others and help them transform their lives.

Follow us on Twitter.

Update your personal and professional profile.

Join our Alumni Official Linkedin Group.

Mock interview a student

Recruit IE Talent

Collaborate with the admission department attending and helping with their events (campus tours, breakfasts, master classes, open days…).

Share stories about successful peers.

Help at the Global Alumni Weekend Event.

Open doors at your company for company visits or recruiting.

Open doors at your company for recruiting.

Be jury in one of our International Venture Days.

Create content for Global Alumni Relations social media.

Organize your class reunion.

Become an active member of a Club.

Volunteer as a speaker.

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