Epic Awards

Epic Awards

Extraordinary people inspiring the IE community

EPIC is an initiative launched by the Global Alumni Relations department. It aims to share the stories of our outstanding alumni from across all IE Schools and programs to inspire the IE Community. Meet our EPIC alumni!

The Essence
Personal Progress. Human Success.
The IE experience involves a personal and professional transformation process that is ultimately reflected in the achievements of our alumni. Our more than 50,000 alumni contribute to their organizations and the society in more than 120 countries worldwide.
EPIC alumni perform in their personal and professional lives by the same standards of excellence that have been taught at IE’s undergraduate and master programs. Our EPIC alumni are accomplished entrepreneurs, leaders, and role models that show commitment to society and deliver exemplary work in their fields of knowledge throughout the different stages of their lives.

Profile Categories
Young & Ambitious Minds: Young professionals that apply the learnings acquired during their IE experience in their alumni life by transforming society with disruptive business models.
Creators: Entrepreneurs that tell us their story of founding and scaling their businesses ultimately turning ideas into reality.
Business Impact: Experienced executives that transform the companies and organizations where they work by putting into practice the values acquired at IE.
Women Inspiring Women: Women that live the value of diversity by helping other women achieve their aspirations and creating a solid platform for gender equality.
Human Success: A step beyond personal and professional achievements to mobilize society through social impact.

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Diana Morato

Co-founder & Managing Director of Flash - Advanced Urban Mobility. EMBA 2011.
"Technology is increasingly disrupting business sectors and society as a whole. As business leaders, it is our responsibility to embrace change, deal with uncertainty and channel innovation in order to positively influence our environment."
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Enrique de Solis

Partner of One Shot Hotels & Co-Founder of The Seëlk. IMBA 2016.
"Whenever I have two possible paths, I choose one: the difficult one. Hence, my perseverance, sacrifice, and passion for being someone better every day."
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Pablo González Ruiz de la Torre

Founder of TRIVU. BBA 2016.
"Talent means nothing if you don't do anything with it."
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Adolfo Fernández

Global Program Manager, International Growth Strategy at Google. MIM 2015.
"The greatest success always comes after a ‘no’. Surround yourself with people that give you real feedback, getting a pat on the back is not feedback, it’s called sugar.”
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Rana Alsabbagh

Executive Director of Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism. EXMPLS 2018.
"Brave, hard-working and a true force of nature who will do everything possible to hold those in power to account through high-quality, fact-based journalism."
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Belinda Holdsworth

Director of Global Operations Strategy at Roche. EMBA 2016.
"I strongly believe in the power and value of human potential and am passionate about empowering individuals through embracing and engaging in diversity and inclusion."
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Adiki Ofeibea Ayitevie

Vice President, Sustainability & External Relations of Newmont Goldcorp Africa - Newmont Goldcorp Corporation. EMCC 2017.
“Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. There will be challenges, moments of fears and naysayers that distract from your dreams. Hear them, take stock of your past challenges, learn new things and apply the lessons learned to the challenge ahead. Always remember that things will always work out in the end if only you don't give up!”
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Dina Dajani

Executive Lead of Cycling4Gaza. MIR 2018.
"Mobilizing people from all around the world to come together in a yearly cycling challenge in a collective effort to raise awareness and funds for the development of sustainable children’s education and healthcare projects in Gaza. Because I believe that every human being deserves an equal chance at a life with dignity, peace, and security. Individuals who can make a difference should."
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Dhruv Boruah

Founder of The Thames Project. Master in Telecom & Digital Business 2009.
"If we don’t have a planet, nothing else matters. Join me in my mission to protect our planet whilst making profits, so that our grandchildren can drink sweet water, eat healthy food, breathe clean air, and live in safe homes."
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Dr. Abdullah Al Ali

Managing Partner of Abc center for Autism. IMBA 2018.
“No one will argue that every child deserves the right to a fulfilling childhood, and to be provided the tools to reach their full potential. That is a belief we all share, but it is not the reality for children with autism. And it is the belief that the current situation is completely unjust, which drives everything my team and I do. That belief gives us our mission: To give every child the chance they deserve.”
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Alejandro Artacho

Co-founder & CEO of Spotahome. International LLM 2013.
“Because you own your own destiny and can shape it, don't ask for permission; leaders never do.”
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David Cohn

Founder & CEO of Regroup. IMBA 2010.
"I believe that focusing a team on a mission will outperform a team focused on a financial outcome alone every time. Motivated, passionate people create superior cultures and do better work. There is nothing more fulfilling than working with a group of people like this, singly focused on improving life for others.”
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Niels Turfboer

Managing Director Benelux & UK at Spotcap Global. IMBA 2011.
"When technology and finance come together, suddenly there are hundreds of opportunities and possibilities to drive society and the economy forward."
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Eva Pavo

Director of Marketing and Communications at Correos. Executive MBA 2006.
"I firmly believe in the power of brands to change companies and create an impact in the world as we know it."
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Ahmed Ben Mussa

Chief Commercial Officer at Tatweer Research. IMBA 2016.
“We make our circumstances just as our circumstances make us. This becomes increasingly important when you come from a country that's crawling out of the civil war.”
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Vicente Pascual

Co-founder and CEO of Cabify
"It´s necessary to change the way we transport people so as to make the cities into more pleasant place to live"
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"Today´s boys and girls want to take over the world, everything seems possible to them, and we´re they´re main limitation"
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Arjun Mallik

CEO of Prudential Uganda
"Hire for attiutude; train for skills"
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Obai Albashir

Founder of Mizan Health
"Better health can be achieved if physicians not only focused on the 30-min appointment patients spend with them, but also the rest of lifetime they spend outside"
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Co-founder and CEO of Pich Technologies
"If you don´t give up, you won´t fail"
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CEO for the Americas of Bally
"Resilience has been the key factor in my success"
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EMEIA Design & Framework Manager at EY
"It`s time to innovate, and of course introduce new types of spaces that are adaptable to the new ways of working"
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CFO and Senior VP Finance of Avianca
"Dedicated work is really the secret of success"
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Partner at Northzone
"I tend to do my best work, and am happiest, when I feel I’m adding genuine value and learning"
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Mitra Feldman

Public Health Specialist - Malaria
"I firmly believe that health is a human right and that everyone in every part of the world deserves access to adequate health services"
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Board Adviser
"I would have liked for there to have been something like this when I didn´t have role models and was full o doubts and fears"
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Board Adviser
"I`m addicted to company directorship, strategy and taking decissions"
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Founder & President of two companies
"Knowledge and educaton are fundamental tools to empowering our community"
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Chief Technology Officer
"The fact that the computer could create almost anything fascinated me when I was seven years old, and it still does today "
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Co-founder and CEO of Destinia.com
"Destinia was born so as to make travel easy for anyone"
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