EPIC are alumni awards launched by IE Global Alumni Relations, and aims to share the stories of our outstanding alumni across all IE schools (masters and undergraduate programs) to inspire the IE community.

EPIC stands for Extraordinary People Inspiring the IE Community.

The IE experience involves a personal and professional transformation process that is ultimately reflected in the achievements of our alumni. Our more than 60,000 alumni contribute to their organizations and society in more than 160 countries worldwide.

EPIC alumni perform in their personal and professional lives by the same standards of excellence that have been taught at IE’s undergraduate and master programs. Our EPIC alumni are accomplished entrepreneurs, leaders, and role models that show commitment to society and deliver exemplary work in their fields of knowledge throughout the different stages of their lives.

Verónica Pascual

“Today’s boys and girls want to take over the world, everything seems possible to them, and we’re they’re main limitation”
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Arjun Mallik

CEO of Prudential Uganda
“Hire for attitude; train for skills”
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Obai Albashir

Founder of Mizan Health
"Better health can be achieved if physicians not only focused on the 30-min appointment patients spend with them, but also the rest of lifetime they spend outside"
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Munya Gwisai

Co-founder and CEO of Pich Technologies
“If you don’t give up, you won’t fail”
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Claudia Cividino

CEO for the Americas of Bally
“Resilience has been the key factor in my success”
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Lola Hoya

EMEIA Design & Framework Manager at EY
“It’s time to innovate, and of course introduce new types of spaces that are adaptable to the new ways of working”
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Vicente Pascual

Co-founder and CEO of Cabify
“It’s necessary to change the way we transport people so as to make the cities into more pleasant places to live”
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Roberto Held

CFO and Senior VP Finance of Avianca
“Dedicated work is really the secret of success”
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Paul Murphy

Partner at Northzone
“I tend to do my best work, and am happiest, when I feel I'm adding genuine value and learning”
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Vitaly Dubil

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Mitra Feldman

Public Health Specialist - Malaria
“I firmly believe that health is a human right and that everyone in every part of the world deserves access to adequate health services”
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Marta Fernández Herraiz

Founder of Lesworking
“I would have liked for there to have been something like this when I didn’t have role models and was full of doubts and fears”
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Julie Garland McLellan

Board Adviser
“I’m addicted to company directorship, strategy and taking decisions”
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Albert Sze Tang Li

Founder & President of two companies
“Knowledge and education are fundamental tools to empowering our community”
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Amuda Goueli

Co-founder and CEO of Destinia.com
“Destinia was born so as to make travel easy for anyone”
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