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Volunteers are the beating heart of Global Alumni Relations. Volunteering offers an amazing opportunity to give back to the school, current students, and to fellow IE alumni in order to make a difference. IE alumni are leaders across the globe, making them ideal candidates to offer meaningful advice, insights, and resources.


Student Volunteers

IE students are the heart and soul of IE University. Their leadership, expertise, and enthusiasm fill the University with positive energy. Their role as volunteers is vital to the institution and to the success of its volunteer programs.

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Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring is a great way to “pay it forward,” helping current students or alumni through your experience of success. Be the mentor you wish you had.

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Community Leadership Roles

Community Leaders are critical to ensuring the success of our communities. They lead their respective communities in collaboration with various IE departments.

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Event Panelists & Speakers

We are always seeking volunteer speakers to share their experience and expertise with audiences of all sizes.

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Communication Volunteers

We are looking for passionate alumni to serve as Communication Volunteers. Communication Volunteers have a desire to stay in touch with IE, have pride in the institution, and are willing to help spread positive stories, news about exciting events, exclusive opportunities, make time-sensitive announcements, and more.

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Volunteers in this area help communicate the general fundraising campaign within their alumni community. They help connect alumni interested in funding a specific IE project or area with the fundraising team.

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The Global Alumni Relations Advisory Board members all have a special and distinguished role within the IE community. Their dedication is essential in helping to enhance our strategic outreach and increase alumni engagement within our network—all efforts are made with the goal of collectively strengthening our community.

Make a Donation

All of the IE community will benefit from your generosity. Every student—graduate and undergraduate—benefits from resources IE Foundation provides, as do all IE Faculty. Gifts to the IE Foundations have a global reach.


Your contribution drives innovation

Human Sciences and Technology

Give now

Giving to IE Foundation enables tomorrow’s top talent to thrive regardless of financial barriers. Your contribution empowers IE’s social impact initiatives, and helps to grow the “IE Blueprint.”

Your support is key in maximizing our potential, allowing IE to continuously evolve and stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced global context. Contribute to IE’s mission “Reinventing Higher Education.”

Human Sciences and Technology

Why contribute?

Giving to IE Foundation is not just about making a donation; it is about becoming engaged. All contributions, whether big or small, have a significant impact on helping IE provide the best cutting-edge higher education possible.

Whatever area you choose to support, scholarships, knowledge generation and diffusion, or social impact projects, you will have a direct impact on making the talent, initiatives, and facilities that make IE unique and lifting up its community.