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Volunteers are the beating heart of Global Alumni Relations. Volunteering offers an amazing opportunity to give back to the school, current students, and to fellow IE alumni in order to make a difference. IE alumni are leaders across the globe, making them ideal candidates to offer meaningful advice, insights, and resources.

There are many ways to support IEU and volunteering is a great one!

Whether you're looking for a way to pay it forward, give your time, share your talents and experiences, or stay connected to IE University, find your inspiration right here.

Volunteering offers an amazing opportunity to give back to the school, support current students and fellow IE alumni. We have created various volunteer initiatives that help connect you to opportunities that can impact the lives of students and alumni all over the world.


Join IE Admissions in accomplishing its mission to recruit the nextgen of IE Talent.

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Student Volunteers

IE students are the heart and soul of IE University. Their leadership, expertise, and enthusiasm fill the University with positive energy. Their role as volunteers is vital to the institution and to the success of its volunteer programs.

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Community leaders are essential in the ensuring the success of IE University.

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Event Panelists & Speakers

We are always seeking inspirational speakers to share their experience and expertise with the IE Community.

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Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring is a great way to “pay it forward,” helping current students or alumni through your experience of success. Be the mentor you wish you had.

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Volunteers in this area help communicate the general fundraising campaign within their alumni community. They help connect interested alumni in funding specific IE projects or areas with the fundraising team.

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