This is a unique opportunity to get involved and give back to change the lives of the future talent of IE. 

There are many diverse opportunities for alumni to make philanthropic investments that are meaningful to the donor and the institution’s mission and strategic goal.

Support IE’s philanthropic initiatives by:

  • Communicating and sharing general fundraising campaigns within your alumni community.
  • Lead by example and participate in IE Foundation initiatives.
  • Connect alumni interested in funding a specific IE project or area with the fundraising team.


Carmen Moreno de la Cova

Director of Development Programs 




Giving to IE Foundation enables tomorrow’s top talent to thrive regardless of financial barriers. Your contribution empowers IE’s social impact initiatives, and helps to grow the “IE Blueprint.”

Your support is key in maximizing our potential, allowing IE to continuously evolve and stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced global context. Contribute to IE’s mission “Reinventing Higher Education.”


Giving to IE Foundation is not just about making a donation; it is about becoming engaged. All contributions, whether big or small, have a significant impact on helping IE provide the best cutting-edge higher education possible.

Whatever area you choose to support, scholarships, knowledge generation and diffusion, or social impact projects, you will have a direct impact on making the talent, initiatives, and facilities that make IE unique and lifting up its community.

IE President’s Fund

The IE President's Fund is an opportunity to partner in shaping the future of the University by making IE more accessible to the most talented students, producing and disseminating world-class research, and ensuring our commitment to academic excellence and service to society.


We are asking members of our community, willing and able, to step up as donors and partner with us to give future generations of IE Talent the possibility to transform themselves and their surroundings through Education.

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All of the IE community will benefit from your generosity. Every student—graduate and undergraduate—benefits from resources IE Foundation provides, as do all IE Faculty. Gifts to the IE Foundations have a global reach.