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With the world's most diverse alumni network, IE offers many ways to connect and engage with fellow alumni and the university. Keep your IE network alive! #IEalumni
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In just a few minutes, you can expand your network by connecting with both current students and fellow alumni who are based all over the globe. Whether you have changed your email address, taken on a new position, or joined a board, keep your profile updated and keep the IE network strong!

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Faces of IE

Claudia and Jon, UK

“We met in college, in a statistics class. I was and am a terrible mathematician, and John studied mathematics at university. So I cheated off of him in class and that’s how we met. I just needed his brain, but we’ve been together for 32 years." Claudia and Jon.

Carolyne, US

“I’m proud of where I am in my career. It’s taken a lot of courage and thinking outside the box, so it’s exciting to see that people are responding to what I can bring. The biggest challenge has been not being afraid to put myself out there.” Carolyn. #IEAlumniStories

Emanuel, Puerto Rico

MRCB Oct'15
“Coming out was very hard for me. I grew up with the concept that gays were supposed to follow certain stereotypes that I felt I didn’t fit in, so I felt boxed. In Spain I saw diversity and discovered I could be whoever I wanted to be.”#IEAlumniStories

Oksana, Ukraine

EMBA April '16
“I’ve got a daughter who is five years old. She keeps me running, going to the gym every morning. She keeps me doing some great things just because I understand that when she’s 20 I’m about 60, and I still have to be the role model for her.” - Oksana. #IEAlumniStories

Duygu, Turkey

IMBA Nov '07
“I love sports. I used to be a professional tennis player for ten years in Turkey. Now I try to teach little kids. I see them being ambitious about learning to play tennis, and it really makes me happy. I work a lot and it’s very stressful, so teaching or transforming the wisdom you have to the younger generation actually really refreshes my mind.” - Duygu. #IEAlumniStories

Paola, Costa Rica

MIM Sep'15
“I moved from Costa Rica but have been living in Spain for three years. I liked Spain because I felt like I had more opportunities here than back at home. Back at home, it was like living in a little town, even though it’s a country. Madrid is like a platform to go somewhere else. I don’t know where life will take me. No plans yet.” - Paola. #IEAlumniStories #WeAreIE


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Extraordinary people who inspire the IE Community! Check out the winners from the most recent awards ceremonies here.

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IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities

A humanistic vision is one of the key aspects of the IE mindset and that of our entire community; it’s the capacity to develop a different voice and cultivate a new way of looking at things and understanding their different meanings. The IE Humanities Center, which specializes in research and teaching in the field of the humanities, has created these prizes in collaboration with the IE Foundation. The prizes enable this unique voice and vision—the vision of the humanities—to be expressed by students and appreciated by the community.
The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities aim to recognize, on annual basis, the best written and audiovisual work carried out by IE students and alumni.

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