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Stories of IE Law School (10)

Lupita Prada Jiménez

"One of the greatest things I obtained at IE, besides my dual degree, are the relationships."
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Lukas Mansky

Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
“The time as a university student is truly unique and packed with so many great experiences that one should make the most out of it in every way possible.”
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Elsa Arnaiz Chico

Student MBD & Talento para el futuro
“I know that I can count on the IEU alumni community whenever I need advice or help.”
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Angela Selzer

Research Analyst at McKinsey & Company
“If you move to a new city or a new country, like I have for my current job, it is comforting to know that there will most likely be other members of the IE alumni community who you can reach out to and connect to in your new home.”
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Carlota Villalonga, Spain

“If you enjoy your profession and work hard, there’s no doubt that you wll become a great lawyer.”
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Daniel, South Africa

"Shifting my mindset from the traditional way of doing things in legal practice to actively seeking out improvements and opportunities by using technology in law. There is such a lot out there that is new and exciting in legal tech, and we are still very much at the bottom of the curve. A world of opportunity awaits if we are willing to grasp it."
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Ross Belhomme, France

"The Master gave me the resources to develop a very far-reaching and creative vision for my next steps—something that is almost impossible to do when you have not stepped back from the minutiae of day to day working life."
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Fernanda Cervantes, Mexico

"I think the university’s methodology is one thing that has really helped me refine my skill set."
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Josip Konjevod, Croatia

"Strategy, planning, and the improvement of work processes are now embedded in my professional mindset."
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Cria Marie Pasquil, Philippines

"I feel that my legal approach is more comprehensive and that I can provide better advice."
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