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Coral Taylor

Alumni Story

Like many IEU alumni, Coral is a third-culture kid – she has a British & Belgian passport and has lived in seven countries. This global citizen has now created a home in Europe’s tech capital and tells IE’s Global Alumni Relations about how she has leveraged her IEU experience while working at LinkedIn as a Global Sales Associate in the Business Leadership Program in Dublin.


Global Sales Associate in the Business Leadership Program at LinkedIn

Current Location

Dublin, Ireland


British & Belgian

Program & Graduation

BBA 2019


How did your experience at IEU prepare you for your professional career?
IE’s experience jumpstarted my professional career and gave me the building blocks I needed for the professional world. Among the most important aspects from my time at IE University, I would highlight:
1. Meeting people from all around the world at IE. This gave me a cultural sensitivity, which I use every single day!
2. Networking opportunities – this taught me skills, which I use while networking and meeting new people in Dublin.
3. Public speaking skills, which are built implicitly through the impromptu class presentations and more deliberately through many public speaking opportunities.
4. The numerous class discussions, which helped me to think of issues from different perspectives.

How did you land your current position at LinkedIn?
IE’s Careers Newsletter mentioned a webinar about the Business Leadership Program at LinkedIn. I was intrigued so I attended the webinar and found out all about the program. Minutes after – I was starting my application!

Tell us about the IEU alumni in Dublin and the impact they have had in your life and/or career:
There are 6 of the graduating class of 2019 who are currently based in Dublin and are all working for different tech companies (LinkedIn, Google, DocuSign, and Salesforce).

Not only have we all become very good friends, but we support each other too. We are often having cozy evening dinners and can be found at Dublin’s bars, but we are always learning, leveraging, and helping each other.

My IEU alumni friends are often popping over to LinkedIn’s office to have lunch and it is great to share our different companies’ values and atmospheres! It is important to think of your organisation and how it fits into the wider economy and industry, and through this network I am always learning new things.

What advice would you give to IEU students and alumni who are looking to pursue a career in the tech industry?
There truly is a power in networking. Go to every possible event or opportunity IE gives you. You never know the person you might meet, idea you might think of, concept you might learn. Always say YES to opportunities (online or offline)!

What skills do you need to succeed in business development and strategy?
Soft skills just as much as hard skills! Social skills are at the heart of everything. Listening is an underrated skill. Always have a continuous learning mindset. It’s the mindset that will help you get to new places.