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Maricruz Pedrera

My story

Maricruz Pedrera is an architect born in Seville. She joined IE School of Architecture and Design in 2016.
She starting working in Zara while studying the IE Master in Strategic Design of Spaces (MSD) and she is still part of the team in their headquarters in A Coruña, in the Spanish northwestern region of Galicia.
She is passionate about design and she loves traveling.

Maricruz Pedrera


Project Designer at Zara Studio (Inditex)



Current Location

A Coruña (Spain)


I am currently working as Project Designer at Zara Studio and I am involved in the implementation of the BIM process.

I am in charge of the design of one of the pilot cases the company is undertaking.

Moreover, as a member of Europe team, I have the chance to design shops in very diverse and interesting countries and locations, such as Venice, Warsaw and my hometown, Seville.

I think that one of the main skills that helped me join the Zara Studio team is to have a good knowledge of the current retail scenario, which I gained during the MSD program – it is fundamental!

Furthermore, agility, negotiation, decision-making skills and being always ready to learn are essentials on a daily basis.

I love the pace we have at work! Thanks to the fast fashion model and its speed, the city and the Company are always evolving. For me, as a creative mind, taking part on this process is very interesting.

It is not only my life that has changed, but also myself! Thanks to the MSD and its forward thinking approach, I have a wider perspective on design, architecture and business. Moreover, through IE I got to meet very inspiring colleagues and professors who now are an important part of my network.