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About me

Originally from Austria, Nikolaus Trotzky graduated from the Master in Real Estate Development at IE School of Architecture and Design in 2018, the program's first graduate class.
Having studied International Business Management at the University of Economics in Vienna, he turned his focus to real estate when he saw the potential of the sector, attracted by the proximity of the product itself and the asset.
Since graduating, Nikolaus has relocated to Munich, where he works at a real estate investment consultancy company.
Here’s what Nikolaus told us about his experience.

Nikolaus Trotzky


Real Estate Investment Consultant at TME Associates



Current Location

Munich (Germany)


I went to a boys’ school in Salzburg, Austria and then an International School in Udine, Italy. I went on to study International Business Management at the University of Economics in Vienna.

The motivation for studying the Mater in Real Estate Development was mainly driven by its diversity of subjects like Finance, Economics, the Big Data approach, its Digital Trends, Architectural Contexts and Trends, and Legal Aspects, which are paramount in the field of real estate. Furthermore, the focus on the different products in the real estate world such as residential, commercial, retail, hotel, and the industrial sector drove me to choose this course over over others.

I was also drawn by the school‘s worldwide reputation, the immense scope of its network, and the high level of professionals teaching this master.

The career opportunities associated with this master are very broad; from residential to commercial real estate developer, portfolio manager, consultant, investment adviser, architectural project consultant, or asset manager, to name a few.

My biggest takeaways and learnings are not only of academic nature. Along with the broad yet deep studies of the financial, architectural, and city development context, I also learned to collaborate with different people from different cultures and background, which enriches everyone’s mind.

Outside of work, my hobbies include golf, swimming, reading, artistic gymnastics, and traveling.