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Pietro Perego

About me

Pietro Perego was born in Treviglio, near Milan, Italy. He graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Politecnico of Milano in 2002. His thesis dealt with sustainability with an integrated approach to design.
Moved by these interests, aligned with IE A&D's values and looking for solutions for his own practice, Pietro joined us in 2017 to complete the Master in Business for Architecture and Design.

Pietro Perego


Co-Founder and Leader of Architecture Projects at IArchitects



Current Location

Milan, Italy


After various experiences in large firms in Milan, a group of colleagues (with whom we shared the goals of approaching architectural design through a holistic and sustainable manner) and I decided to create our firm, Iarchitects. At IArchitects each of us, with our various peculiarities and skills, contribute to the design process with the aim to build something beyond our simple individualities. Our firm was born from the notion of a creative workshop where we open ourselves to design and all its possible forms and experiences.

As the co-founder, my role is directed towards the creation and coordination of multidisciplinary teams working on the different phases of architectural development of the projects.

Our vision of a holistic approach has led me to carve out the role of a team leader that stimulates and coordinates the skills and competences of the people who collaborate with me, particularly in the field of architectural design and in the sustainability process.

The firm is based in Milan, where we meet our clients, with whom we grow day by day. Technological advancements allow me to be everywhere and to be able to make calls with potential clients in Los Angeles, or in Paris.

Starting IArchitects is more a passion than a job: every single project brings new excitement! I am not just talking about myself but also the philosophy from which our studio was founded and continues to grow. Translating the requests of our clients into reality and coordinating the different providers that take part in each project are the main aspects of our work.

Milan is the best place to be; it is a diverse city that looks at the world and is a place where you can meet people with different experiences! At the same time, Milan keeps its character and feels like a small town where you find yourself in neighborhoods away from the noise of a big city.

One of the most important projects that our firm worked on is Gotha Cosmetics because of the PECULIARITY of the design itself and the visibility we gained thanks to it!

They were looking for a big renovation project and they gave us a lot of creative freedom throughout every stage of the process. The job was developed in close contact with the client during both the creative phase and in the construction phase.

We definitely grew as a team with this project!

Communication with the clients is key in order to make the projects possible and to create spaces that express the values and excellence that our clients request.

The design coordination is the most challenging and – at the same time – the most exciting part. This is when the initial ideas take shape. It takes a lot of energy, but it is also very exciting, and extremely rewarding to see the final product. I believe that some the most important skills in the world of architecture and design are curiosity, the desire to learn new things and meeting new and interesting people that can influence your work and inspire you! We never stop learning and developing our work. It is very important to progress.

Studying the Master in Business for Architecture and Design at IE has opened my eyes to a new way of approaching my vocation. The program has aided me in becoming more organized and a better professional! I also learned to be more empathetic and to better understand both my clients and my colleagues. One of the most important aspects is the new network of colleagues that I have gained during the Masters. Some of them are now close friends that I am still in touch with and we seek advice from one another!

This experience has definitely opened my mind and my eyes to a new world!