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    • Logo of 'CHECKAR' featuring white text and a teal checkmark on a blue background.


      Madrid, Spain

      Checkar is a platform dedicated to conducting inspections of used vehicles. Our mission is to ensure that our clients can buy or sell their vehicles in a completely safe and transparent manner. Leveraging a network of over 30 expert mechanics strategically positioned across the peninsula, we swiftly and effectively travel to the location of vehicles, conducting inspections to high-quality standards. We provide clients with detailed digital reports and photographic sessions, allowing them to gain comprehensive insights into the condition of the vehicle. With over 1.000 inspections conducted in 2023, we serve both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) markets. Currently, we collaborate with prominent entities such as Grupo Autocaravanas Norte and Grupo Nieto Automoción at the B2B level.

    • Logo of iDocCar featuring a stylized wave design in green, blue, and yellow colors.


      Madrid, Spain

      DocCar manages, from the same platform, all the processes associated with the life cycle of the vehicle through a modular tool that adapts to the specific needs of each organization and its budget. In all cases, it includes unlimited users and the definition of the roles involved in the processes.

      CREATED BY Miguel Morenés Bertrán (IMBA, 2004)
    • A gradient orange and green background with the text 'SCANDALE CONCEPT' overlaid in white.

      Scandale Concept

      Madrid, Spain

      Women's belts.

    • Mantalon logo | IE Alumni


      Madrid, Spain

      The mantalon is our first groundbreaking product that goes in line with today’s trends: wearable verdant fashion pieces that grow with you and adapt with the seasons. We mix the comfort of short pants with the refreshing coolness of towel-like fabrics for the hot summer and elegant long pants that keep you warm in a blanket-like fabric for the cold winter. Our brand is versatile, comfortable, witty, smart & sustainable. Our aim is to become a brand that is also a term: (el) mantalon.

      Sector: Fashion. E-commerce

      CREATED BY Guillermo García-Muchacho (MIM, 2015)
    • Qosmic Brand logo | IE Alumni

      Qosmic Brand

      Alcobendas, Spain

      Sustainable Luxury Fashion.

    • FUMAREL Logo


      Madrid, Spain

      The brand Fumarel was founded in 1987 by Cosme Domecq and Gabriel Narváez under the idea of creating high performance garments that could be enjoyed both during outdoor sports and in everyday life.



      Geneva, Switzerland

      DTUT is DOWNTOWN attitude with UPTOWN style! Innovation for us, is the disruption of fast consumption & augmenting a customer’s satisfaction and pleasure to find THE pre-loved luxury treasure to keep or pass on, over lifetimes. Co-founders Giji & Christophe established this hybrid physical & online space in 2014, that consigns, re-sells, recycles, repairs & upcycles authenticated CURATED luxury items AND offers a range of new ethical, circular & eco-fashion. 

    • Sambar logo


      Madrid, Spain

      Sambar was borne out of the idea that veganism and luxury can go hand in hand, and that beautifully made, covetable pieces can be inspired by nature, without hurting it in the process.

    • By Vive logo

      BY VIVE

      New York, United States

      BY VIVE is the world's first online aftercare concierge that leverages a network of verified artisans. Each is specialized in a different skill, yet all dedicated to their craft.

    • Descedant of thieves logo


      New York, United States

      Descendant of Thieves is a NYC based indie menswear brand founded in 2009. Their non-conformist approach is to manufacture in limited batches of apprx 200 units per style (+/-) and crafted by a select team of master tailors rather than using the traditional assembly line process. This more complicated way of manufacturing ensures elevated quality standards and keeps to the brand's mission of making unique clothing that is not commonly found in the market.

    • ONWARD logo



      We are a community of DREAMers who departed from the United States.

      For many DREAMers and DACA recipients, leaving the United States is a difficult, lonely and emotional journey, as many are barred from entering the United States even as a visitor. That means, many departed DREAMers cannot visit their family, friends, or community. We want to develop an online community for DREAMers and DACA recipients who departed from the United States.

      CREATED BY Eun Suk Hong (IMBA & MBD, 2019-2020)
    • TI.CARE


      Madrid, Spain

      Nuestra empresa nace con la misión de poner en contacto a pacientes, familiares y cuidadores con los profesionales sanitarios a través de tecnologías de la información con el fin de crear una sanidad más accesible, humana y sostenible.

      CREATED BY Julio Jesús Sánchez (EXMBA ESP BLENDED, 2018)


      Barcelona, Spain

      Founded in 2013, Top Doctors is a leading technology company in the digitalisation of the healthcare sector, as well as in facilitating patients' access to the best medical specialists in the world.

      Their hyperspecialisation has allowed them to improve the healthcare process, building an efficient, easy, and uncomplicated ecosystem with a dual purpose. On the one hand, to provide technological and digital solutions to medical practices and clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies to improve their patient care relationships. All their technological solutions introduce artificial intelligence and data science for process optimisation. On the other hand, they aim to help these patients find and contact the best private healthcare medical specialists, audited and certified by the world's most rigorous selection process.

    • IFEEL logo


      Madrid, Spain

      ifeel is the leading provider of emotional well-being services to companies and their teams, accompanying them in fostering healthy and productive relationships and workplaces.

    • AUMET logo


      Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

      Aumet is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that enhances the performance of healthcare providers, operating in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. Aumet facilitates the exchange of data between healthcare providers, manufacturers, and distributors to enable them to take the right decision.

      CREATED BY Yahya Aqel & Adel Haddad (GMBA / IMBA, 2015 / 2018)

      Porto, Portugal

      Tonic aggregates for you all the resources you need to diagnose and treat your patients. Tonic App is the mobile platform designed by doctors, for doctors.

    • Nelum logo


      Cary, North Carolina, United States

      Nelum is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing first in class and best in class patented molecules. Our area of focus is different forms of cancer.

      Our first drug, NLM-001, is a best in class small molecule hedgehog inhibitor currently in a phase Ib-IIa clinical trial in pancreatic cancer, after showing a safe profile in the Phase I trial.


      Madrid, Spain

      Cuidado de personas mayores a domicilio. Ayudamos a que las personas mayores y dependientes vivan una vida plena en su propio domicilio.

    • A blue text logo that reads 'BROIDR' in uppercase on a white background.


      Brussels, Belgium

      BROIDR is a tech-driven & sustainable merchandise company that brand a curated range of products that stand the test of time, both in design & impact.

    • CoKrea | IE Alumni


      Madrid, Spain

      Cokrea is a 360º Creative Agency founded in Madrid in 2019 with the purpose of enhancing the growth of brands through a specialized team that is assembled ad hoc according to the needs of each project. Cokrea has an internal team that is reinforced by a database of more than 250 specialized professionals & agencies (kreators) around the world that allows us to offer marketing and business development services.

      CREATED BY Guillermo García-Muchacho (MIM, 2015)
    • Umlaut Marketing | IE Alumni

      Umlaut Marketing

      New Delhi, India

      At Umlaut Marketing, we believe in the power of the fundamentals and a new perspective. In a world cluttered with loud and complex marketing strategies, we bring the elegance of the basics and the impact of strategic subtlety to create a plan that does its job.

    • Sygnify | IE Alumni


      New Delhi, India

      India's First and Only Programmatic AI-Powered Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) Screen Network.



      Douglas, Isle of Man

      Sports Management and Marketing



      Sevilla, Spain

      We help you grow through customized solutions for web traffic strategy, acquisition and conversion. We are results oriented and we rely on data and a professional and agile management to achieve them. - Launching new products and services in an efficient way. - Reduction of acquisition costs - Increased revenue per customer - Margin increase We are characterized by: 1. Performing total immersions in businesses, to understand their problems and needs by focusing on what is important, as well as having a clear orientation towards the User. 2. Based on evidence, we are guided by quantitative and qualitative data. With a qualified team certified by Google and CXL in digital analytics. 3. We manage projects in a professional and agile way, committing ourselves to deadlines, results and the generation of trusting relationships.



      Dubai, UAE

      Marketing Consultancy for Architecture and Design companies.


      Madrid, Spain

      Binfluencer has developed an all-in-one software for influencer marketing, that is, for the management of campaigns carried out with influencers. With its own algorithms and the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, the software identifies the influencers, analyzes their audience, plans the campaigns before executing them, makes contact with the influencers, reviews the content, and creates a KPI report at the end each campaign.

      CREATED BY Javier Yuste, Jesús San Roman & Ivan Martin (MIM 2015, MIM 2016 & MBD 2016)

      Barcelona, Spain

      More than 12 years of experience in the sale and personalization of corporate gifts for advertising. The online store specializing in gifts for advertising is part of the company GiftCampaign S.L. Spanish company based in the heart of the @ 22 area of Barcelona.
      Our goal is to change the way in which personalized business gifts are bought and adapt it to the new technologies of the 21st century. Basically, we are specialists in the online sale of personalized advertising items for companies and individuals.

    • NAVIT


      Berlin, Germany

      The HR platform for employee mobility NAVIT is a cutting-edge mobility budget management platform designed to empower companies in facilitating flexible and eco-friendly transport solutions for their employees. With NAVIT, each team member receives a personalized mobility budget, encompassing a wide range of transportation options like public transit, shared mobility, bikeleasing, car subscriptions, fuel and charge cards, seamlessly catering to their individual travel needs.

    • Katalis logo


      Jakarta, Indonesia

      Katalis is a multidisciplinary team who focuses on the future mobility solutions, lifestyle technology and automotive design. The company is committed to keep innovating, they have a vision that more people are shifting from fossil fuel vehicles to renewable energy vehicles in the future and it will not come in an instant. The use of electric vehicles should be transmitted more and more to the Indonesian people. They hope they can be “the agent of change” also inspire generation-z to develop mobility solutions in the future.

    • Rydes logo


      Berlin, Germany

      Mobility your team deserves.

      RYDES combines personal and business employee mobility in one platform and moves your teams sustainably and efficiently.


      Madrid, Spain

      Parclick is an online website and app that helps you find and book a parking space with great savings in more than 170 cities in Europe.


      Madrid, Spain

      LetMePark. All the mobility solutions for a driver found in one place.


      Madrid, Spain

      We are the present of sustainable transport.

    • QUH


      Madrid, Spain

      Architecture & Design Agency

    • Logo featuring the phrase 'NO SPAIN NO GAIN' with a stylized graphic of buildings next to it.

      No Spain No Gain

      Geneva, Switzerland

      No Spain No Gain, your trusted partner for investing in the Spanish real estate market. Our team of experienced professionals in Switzerland and Spain provides a comprehensive range of legal and tax services, including property due diligence, tax planning, and contract negotiation, to help you achieve your investment goals with confidence. We specialize in off-market and distressed properties, and our extensive network of contacts allows us to provide exclusive opportunities to our clients. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, we are committed to delivering personalized solutions and exceptional service. Contact us today to start your journey towards profitable and successful real estate investments in Spain. Are you planning to leave your country and move to Spain? Are you already in Spain? Would you search for high return on your real estate investments? Are you looking to invest in Spain? Does the Spanish sun tempt you? You may have those and many other questions...We will help you with your investment in Spain. We will provide you with the legal and tax services that you´ll require for your investment.

    • Grupo CAISA Inmobiliaria  | IE Alumni

      Grupo CAISA Inmobiliaria

      Querétaro, México

      Real Estate Developement.

    • Coklub | IE Alumni


      Madrid, Spain

      Innovative and exclusive spaces promoted by its members with the intention of propelling the development of ideas, business and networking. It is an extraordinary place where creativity, business, a drink or a coffee coexist in a privileged environment. Coklub has the experience, know-how & know-who necessary to manage and optimize the flexible office or coworking real estate business.

      CREATED BY Guillermo García-Muchacho (MIM, 2015)
    • Sikadan Homes | IE Alumni

      Sikadan Homes

      Accra, Ghana

      Property managment firm that uses technology and financial innovation to provide affordable housing solution to the low-income population in Ghana.

    • White Flats Real Estate | IE Alumni

      White Flats Real Estate

      Madrid, Spain

      Freal Estate flipping projects in Madrid.

    • Belgrave Properties Ltd

      Belgrave Properties Ltd

      Hong Kong

      Property Investment Management.

    • NOMAD


      Amman, Jordan

      The marketplace for renting short-term retail spaces.

    • BLAS


      Madrid, Spain

      We simplify and digitize the home rental process, connecting the best landlords with the best tenants based on their interests, preferences and compatibility through the Blas passport.



      Bogotá, Colombia

      Trabajamos desde un modelo de arquitectura sustentable que busca hacer un mejor uso de los recursos, procurando la armonía con el contexto y el medioambiente. Participamos del proceso de planteamiento y evaluación de riesgos en la estructuración de cada proyecto, y contamos con la capacidad de ofrecer servicios de diseño computacional y estructura competitiva en finanzas.



      Palma de Mallorca, Spain

      Diseñamos la iluminación de todo tipo de espacios y situaciones, desde lo mundano, casinos, hasta lo divino, La Sagrada Familia.



      Malaga, Spain

      The way we understand architecture offers a more experiential concept of luxury, based on the contact of humans and their living spaces with nature as an integral part of it.


      Madrid, Spain

      Through automation and ease-of-use, Proppex saves valuable time and money while bringing the transparency of a third-party to the landlord-tenant relationship. Our platform provides a one-stop shop for all your property management needs. From tracking rent payments to handling maintenance, Proppex makes property management painless.

      CREATED BY Eun Suk Hong (IMBA & MBD, 2019 & 2020)
    • Arenca logo  | IE University Entrepreneurs


      Madrid, Spain

      The first real estate agency in Madrid which makes subleasing your apartment an easy process, managing the property in your absence, while paying 100% of your rent. Our objective is to provide owners with a solution so they make the most value out of their apartments, by finding guests to occupy their accommodation while it's empty. We look after the property as if it was ours, insuring the property, and finding the best candidates for the days, weeks, or months agreed.

      CREATED BY Claudia Sánchez Greca (MIM & MRCB, 2019)
    • deazly logo | IE University Entrepr


      Arlington; Virginia, United States

      Our business model is designed for residential general contractors and homeowners that want an interior designer, but not the high cost that comes with a full-service interior design firm. By injecting technology and transparency into an industry that often lacks both, we’re creating a design experience that is fast, affordable, and hassle-free.


      Madrid, Spain

      We are a real estate company based in Madrid. We own several apartments to rent and if none of our homes are available, we offer a real estate "personal shopper service", in which we work with clients in order to find them the right apartment—assiting them with the lease contract and everything they may need until they are settled into their new home.


      Madrid, Spain

      Amuebla Rent was born to meet the need for quality and design furniture in Madrid, which so far is an unaddressed issue. We are here to help you convert your house into a home. We offer three distinct rental packages, each of which includes the necessary furniture needed in order to start living in your new home. However, all of our furniture and objects can be rented individually and for the time you need them. We also carry out remodeling and interior designs projects.


      Madrid, Spain

      Evergreen Solutions is a company that provides a versatile range of kinetic architectural systems for developing outdoor spaces. We have the capability to incorporate customized Photovoltaic Glass (BIPV) into the design of the products offered which allows us to deliver truly sustainable architectural solutions that help pay for themselves by creating usable energy. Our turn-key solutions include design, engineering, on-time, and on-budget installations and services.


      Madrid, Spain

      An agile, young and decisive company. HousinGo, by David de Gea provides consultancy in Real Estate transactions related to purchase, sales, and rentals of properties. We offer comprehensive Real Estate services, and we give the best consultancy service to carry out purchase, sales and rental deals in the most efficient way, and in the minimum amount of time.

    • Logo featuring the letters 'P C' with the words 'OMONA LUB' in a stylized font on a solid green background.

      Pomona Club

      Madrid, Spain

      Gym boutique & Juice bar

    • WOWEGO

      Madrid, Spain

      Wowego is an internet-based, multidevice health and fitness platform to workout anywhere, anytime, getting into shape while pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The company offers a realistic fitness experience through classes provided by real personal trainers, music, nutrition, tracking, challenges, social and more. It is an easy, fun, and affordable way to help people achieve their sports performance, bodybuilding, and weight loss goals; we also help clients with their mind and meditation goals.

      CREATED BY Oscar Molina Crivillen (IEMBA, 2007)


      Madrid, Spain

      Solving student's moving and storage problems.

    • ScrapAd logo


      Madrid - Donostia, Spain

      ScrapAd is a safe and reliable marketplace where you can buy or sell your recyclable materials without worries. We offer you all the services you need to optimise your time and speed up your transactions through a digital space that is tailor-made for you.


      Madrid, Spain

      SHAVE barbers & spa”,an elegant and exclusive space for men, for haircuts, shaves and beard care in a defined style, with body and facial treatments. With a vocation to become a multispace that guarantees the standardization of quality, good taste and excellence in service wherever there is a SHAVE Salon.


      Brussels, Belgium

      CorpNap is an innovative young company leading the cutting-edge wellbeing movement around the concept of napping in the workplace; it promotes the scientifically proven benefits of napping for the employers, employees, and the company as a whole.

      CREATED BY Clarisse Halawani (EMBA, 2015)
    • TISEI

      Madrid, Spain

      TISEI is privacy-friendly People Search Engine which intends to automate the “word-of-mouth” recommendation process when looking for someone that you can trust.

      CREATED BY Carolina Canales-Valenzuela (EMBA, 2008)

      New York, United States

      Crowdfavors is an online one-stop shop that opens up the possibility for anyone to participate in the shared economy through a unique quality-controlled P2P model. We promote unlimited customization of all daily hassles to be outsourced as well as crowd expertise and skill-sharing. The platform's ultimate mission is to be an all-problem-solving community fostering efficiency, convenience, and social engagement.

      CREATED BY Andrey Grigoryev, Luis Fernandes, (GXMBA, 2015)