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Distilled Innovation

Medellín, Colombia

Distilled Innovation is an open innovation agency dedicated to designing sustainable business models by co-creating products, services, and systems. We connect our clients with the best talent, tech, and ideas throughout Latin America, accelerating innovation through our open framework.

Created by

Carlos Jaramillo (MRCB, 2013)

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Madrid - Santiago de Chile, Spain - Chile

Ennomotive is an open innovation platform that connects engineers from all over the world with companies to solve technology-related challenges, such as asphalting in the rain or the early detection of forest fires.

Created by

Enrique Ramirez (PDEM, 2009)

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HRForward AG

Hamburg, Germany

We are the boutique consultancy for the next digital step - or the entire digital transformation - of your human resources. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all, but in individualised roadmaps that translate your HR goals into the digital solutions of tomorrow - all from a single source.

Created by

Dr. Robert-Christian Ziebell (IMBA, 2008)

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Consumer Products & Retail

Objet Particulier

We design and manufacture decorative items with Galuchat, an exotic fish skin from the seas of Southeast Asia. Artisan pieces are highly in demand by interior designers from around the world.

Created by

Laura Atorrasagasti Diego (MIM ENG Sep14)

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Emzingo Group

Somerville, MA, United States

Emzingo is a learning and development design firm. We inspire responsible leadership, prepare individuals to address global challenges, and connect businesses to society through social impact programs.

Created by

Pablo Esteves, Andrew Bonfiglio & Ramon Marmolejos (IMBA 2011 & IMBA 2009)

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Marketing / Communications

Binfluencer Colaboraciones S.L

Madrid, Spain

Binfluencer has developed an all-in-one software for influencer marketing, that is, for the management of campaigns carried out with influencers. With its own algorithms and the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, the software identifies the influencers, analyzes their audience, plans the campaigns before executing them, makes contact with the influencers, reviews the content, and creates a KPI report at the end each campaign.

Created by

Javier Yuste, Jesús San Roman & Ivan Martin (MIM 2015, MIM 2016 & MBD 2016)

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Barcelona, Spain

More than 12 years of experience in the sale and personalization of corporate gifts for advertising. The online store specializing in gifts for advertising Giftcampaign.es is part of the company GiftCampaign S.L. Spanish company based in the heart of the @ 22 area of Barcelona.
Our goal is to change the way in which personalized business gifts are bought and adapt it to the new technologies of the 21st century. Basically, we are specialists in the online sale of personalized advertising items for companies and individuals.

Created by

Jose Oriol Badia (IMBA 2004)

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Real Estate / Construction

Sofimar SXXI

Madrid, Spain

We are a real estate company based in Madrid. We own several apartments to rent and if none of our homes are available, we offer a real estate "personal shopper service", in which we work with clients in order to find them the right apartment—assiting them with the lease contract and everything they may need until they are settled into their new home.

Created by

Paloma Lopez-Sanchez (MBA, 2001)

Visit Sofimar SXXI Website

Amuebla Rent

Madrid, Spain

Amuebla Rent was born to meet the need for quality and design furniture in Madrid, which so far is an unaddressed issue. We are here to help you convert your house into a home. We offer three distinct rental packages, each of which includes the necessary furniture needed in order to start living in your new home. However, all of our furniture and objects can be rented individually and for the time you need them. We also carry out remodeling and interior designs projects.

Created by

Paloma López-Sánchez (MBA, 2001)

Visit Amuebla Rent Website

Evergreen Solutions

Madrid, Spain

Evergreen Solutions is a company that provides a versatile range of kinetic architectural systems for developing outdoor spaces. We have the capability to incorporate customized Photovoltaic Glass (BIPV) into the design of the products offered which allows us to deliver truly sustainable architectural solutions that help pay for themselves by creating usable energy. Our turn-key solutions include design, engineering, on-time, and on-budget installations and services.

Created by

Lance Cornils (IMBA, 2015)

Visit Evergreen Solutions Website

HousinGo by David de Gea

Madrid, Spain

An agile, young and decisive company. HousinGo, by David de Gea provides consultancy in Real Estate transactions related to purchase, sales, and rentals of properties. We offer comprehensive Real Estate services, and we give the best consultancy service to carry out purchase, sales and rental deals in the most efficient way, and in the minimum amount of time.

Created by

David de Gea (MRCB 2019)

Visit Housingo Website



Madrid, Spain

Wowego is an internet-based, multidevice health and fitness platform to workout anywhere, anytime, getting into shape while pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The company offers a realistic fitness experience through classes provided by real personal trainers, music, nutrition, tracking, challenges, social and more. It is an easy, fun, and affordable way to help people achieve their sports performance, bodybuilding, and weight loss goals; we also help clients with their mind and meditation goals.

Created by

Oscar Molina Crivillen (IEMBA, 2007)

Visit Wowego Website

Tourism & Hospitality

Stay App

Madrid, Spain

Stay is a platform where you can easily include all your hotel's information, follow the activity generated within the app, and manage all requests.

Created by

(Joan Lladó, MBA 2005)

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Madrid, Spain

We are a travel agency that organizes unique experiences for women to discover countries with a more feminine perspective by providing networking and access to its users' private spheres.

Created by

Alice Fauveau (ExMMBA, 2007)

Visit Focus on Women Website



Parclick is an online website and app that helps you find and book a parking space with great savings in more than 170 cities in Europe.

Created by

Eduardo Layrisse

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Madrid, Spain

LetMePark. All the mobility solutions for a driver found in one place.

Created by

Uliana Torkunova (IMBA, 2017)

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Madrid, Spain

We are the present of sustainable transport.

Created by

Fernando Giménez-Guervós (MDCM, 1996)

Visit Eco-Freight Website



Brussels, Belgium

CorpNap is an innovative young company leading the cutting-edge wellbeing movement around the concept of napping in the workplace; it promotes the scientifically proven benefits of napping for the employers, employees, and the company as a whole.

Created by

Clarisse Halawani (EMBA, 2015)

Visit CorpNap Website


Madrid, Spain

TISEI is privacy-friendly People Search Engine which intends to automate the “word-of-mouth” recommendation process when looking for someone that you can trust.

Created by

Carolina Canales-Valenzuela (EMBA, 2008)

Visiy Tisei Website


New York, United States

Crowdfavors is an online one-stop shop that opens up the possibility for anyone to participate in the shared economy through a unique quality-controlled P2P model. We promote unlimited customization of all daily hassles to be outsourced as well as crowd expertise and skill-sharing. The platform's ultimate mission is to be an all-problem-solving community fostering efficiency, convenience, and social engagement.

Created by

Andrey Grigoryev, Luis Fernandes, (GXMBA, 2015)

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