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Epic Awards

Extraordinary People Inspiring the IE Community

The Essence: Personal Progress. Human Success.
The IE experience involves a personal and professional transformation process that is ultimately reflected in the achievements of our alumni. Our more than 66,000 alumni contribute to their organizations and the society in countries all over the globe.
EPIC alumni perform in their personal and professional lives by the same standards of excellence that have been taught at IE’s undergraduate and master programs. Our EPIC alumni are accomplished entrepreneurs, leaders, and role models that show commitment to society and deliver exemplary work in their fields of knowledge throughout the different stages of their lives.

Five categories:

  • Business Impact: Experienced executives who transform the companies and organizations where they work, by putting into practice the values acquired at IE.
  • Creators: Entrepreneurs who have successfully founded and scaled their businesses, ultimately turning ideas into reality. Their companies have a 2+ year startup survival rate and/or have obtained funding of 1MM.
  • Human Success: Alumni who have gone beyond personal and professional achievements to change our world and mobilize society through social impact. Dedicates life efforts to altruistic & idealistic activities or the benefit of society as a whole.
  • Women Inspiring Women: Women who live the value of diversity by helping other women achieve their aspirations and creating a solid platform for gender equality.
  • Young & Ambitious Minds: Alumni under 30 years old, who have obtained a significant promotion at work or have been distinguished as potential leaders within their organizations, or having obtained funding for their own company/start up or achieved exit phase,
The nominations for the 2021 EPIC Awards are closed

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"Today´s boys and girls want to take over the world, everything seems possible to them, and we´re they´re main limitation"
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Arjun Mallik

CEO of Prudential Uganda
"Hire for attiutude; train for skills"
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Obai Albashir

Founder of Mizan Health
"Better health can be achieved if physicians not only focused on the 30-min appointment patients spend with them, but also the rest of lifetime they spend outside"
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Co-founder and CEO of Pich Technologies
"If you don´t give up, you won´t fail"
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CEO for the Americas of Bally
"Resilience has been the key factor in my success"
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EMEIA Design & Framework Manager at EY
"It`s time to innovate, and of course introduce new types of spaces that are adaptable to the new ways of working"
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CFO and Senior VP Finance of Avianca
"Dedicated work is really the secret of success"
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Partner at Northzone
"I tend to do my best work, and am happiest, when I feel I’m adding genuine value and learning"
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Mitra Feldman

Public Health Specialist - Malaria
"I firmly believe that health is a human right and that everyone in every part of the world deserves access to adequate health services"
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Board Adviser
"I would have liked for there to have been something like this when I didn´t have role models and was full o doubts and fears"
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Board Adviser
"I`m addicted to company directorship, strategy and taking decissions"
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Founder & President of two companies
"Knowledge and educaton are fundamental tools to empowering our community"
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Chief Technology Officer
"The fact that the computer could create almost anything fascinated me when I was seven years old, and it still does today "
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Co-founder and CEO of Destinia.com
"Destinia was born so as to make travel easy for anyone"
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Partnerships and Fundraising at IFC | Founder at a Multi-Million Dollar Charitable Non-Profit | Business Development
“When thousands of fellow citizens in the war zone are struggling to satisfy their basic needs, there is no need for an extra motivation to spend most of your all free time to help them.”
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Project Management Consultant at Camber Collective
“In the same way that you would help a company to improve its profit margins, we help our clients to save more lives.”
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Zaid Souqi

Founder of The Orenda Tribe
“One day I decided that I had to make a choice between doing things well or doing good. I left my work and my comfort zone, and now I’m trying to achieve the perfect equation that allows me to help certain communities and, at the same time, make a living from it.”
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Lynn Tabbara

Co-Founder of Intaliqi and Curator of TEDxCoventGardenWomen
“These women develop skills for life which help them become agents of change and leaders in their families and communities.”
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Head of Business Development and Co-Founder of Bwom
“Healthcare is designed for men. It does not deal with women’s needs. We want primary healthcare providers and insurance companies to offer women tools to look after their sexual health.”
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Linda Kasonde

Partner and President of Mulenga Mundashi Kasonde (MMK) Legal Practitioners and Law Association of Zambia
“When women see other women carrying out influential work, they realize that they too can do it.”
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Cristina Bondolowski

Global VP Marketing, Developed Markets at The Coca Cola Company
“The most important thing is to have very clear ideas and then get things done instead of worrying about them.”
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Hassan El-Shabrawishi

Group Chief Innovation Officer at AXA
“When you challenge the status quo, you discover what really matters.”
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José Muñoz

Chief Performance Officer / Chairman of Nissan Motor Co. / Nissan North America
“The best long-term strategy is daily performance.”
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Natalie Cartwright & Jake Tyler

Co founders, CEO and COO of Finn.AI
“If the humanitarian sector wanted to be successful long term, it needed to apply some basic business principles.” (Natalie Cartwright)
“Almost everyone who has started a business has gone through a period where all they want to do is curl up and cry. But it’s not the end of the world. It is a matter of trying to get up and carrying on.” (Jake Tyler)
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Philipp A. Pausder

Founder and MD of Thermondo GmbH.
“When we founded Thermondo in 2012, there was a great sense of skepticism: qualified manual labor and digitalization, side by side? People said that this combination wouldn’t work.”
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Meinrad Spenger

Founder & CEO of MásMóvil
“There were only three competitors in the sector and we could see we had the chance to enter the game. We were very naïve. It was a long journey, but it was important that there were two of us, because if it had been only one, we probably would have given up.”
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Manager Sponsorship and International Strategy of Club Atlético de Madrid
“The Bayern Munich academy impacted me in such a way that it gave me the team spirit and the ambition that is driving my hunger to win: my dedication to compete and to handle defeat and criticism, and the discipline and persistence to follow my goals.”
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Partner Manager at YouTube
“Working somewhere that has a massive impact on society is incredibly gratifying.”
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Bhuvan Rustagi

Co Founder & COO of Lendbox
“I think one should always share one’s success with the society in which one lives. As well as the fact that good actions attract good actions, I am convinced that businesses built on ethical principles tend to last longer and develop more successfully.”
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Elisabet de los Pinos

CEO at Aura Biosciences. MBA 2003.
Her entrepreneurial efforts in fighting against an uncommon kind of cancer, ocular melanoma.
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