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Andrew Kline


EPIC Awards 2022 Finalist

"Life is short, live it up!
Be kind to others along the way <3"

Co-founder of DoinGud. IMBA 2019

I was born and bred in Minnesota, USA where I really enjoyed playing sports and spending time outdoors with all the beautiful lakes and parks the state has to offer. I pulled a bit of a ‘Crazy American’ move by studying abroad in Venezuela in 2012 to learn Spanish and push outside of my comfort zone. I knew from that moment on I wanted to travel the world to experience and learn from other cultures. This eventually led me to choose the IE MBA program in Madrid for another life-changing international opportunity.

How did IE helped you to get where you are today?

More than anything, IE provided me with lifelong friendships that I will always cherish. So many laughs, memories, and lessons learned from those friends. Additionally, IE provided me the launchpad to pursue social entrepreneurship through core entrepreneurship classes, the startup lab, and eventually the venture lab. I am also very thankful for a few key mentors I met through both the social impact and entrepreneurship areas of IE.

In what way your work is impacting the world?

I’ve co-founded DoinGud, where we are building an NFT ecosystem focused on generating positive social impact. At the highest level, we are leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology and powerful Web3 community ownership principles to connect the creator economy with the giving economy.

With the platform just recently launched, creators mint NFTs at no cost and then stream a portion of the proceeds to a charity of their choice. In doing so, we empower creators, curators, collectors and communities from all over the world to tap into new sustainable income streams and create lasting impact for causes they care about. However that is just the beginning. The ultimate vision is to create a social cause registry that any other Web2 platform or Web3 protocol can plug into and stream money to social impact transparently leveraging blockchain technology.

What drove you to work for a cause that believes in the greater good?

It seems so obvious to me that if we are going to spend such a significant amount of our time working, better work for something we truly enjoy doing. For me, that’s trying to help people and make the world a better place. That’s exactly why I chose IE and social entrepreneurship as my focus. I figured that’s where I can make the greatest impact. That ultimate goal to tranform society for the better really energizes me. It motivated me to lead the IE Net Impact Club. It motivated me to co-found Cybee, an Ed-Tech startup in Madrid empowering children to be safe and responsible on the internet. I don’t think I could dedicate any meaningful amount of my time to work for anything that isn’t for the greater good.


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