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Bedor Alrashoudi


EPIC Awards 2022 Finalist

"You got what you have the courage to ask for"

CEO of Jazadco Energy and Development. GMBA 2018

I generally have an enthusiastic personality. Different stages of my life and career inspire different passions. I, however, have always seem to be passionate about Self-Awareness and Development. It allowed me to expose myself more, and allow for passion for many things. Recently, I am focusing more on career coaching and business coaching. I am doing my CTP (Coaching Training Program) to acquire more skills and techniques to enable my coaches and support them in their journey.

How did IE help you get to where you are today?

IE provides for rich experiences beyond expectations. Inspirational learning opportunities through diversity and cultural exchange. Stimulating innovative thinking, gaining perspective, and being able to learn with and from international peers and professors.

What are three achievementsyou are most proud of?

1. Jazadco Transformation: Leading the transformation effort at Jazadco with a goal to turn around the company from losses into a well-profited organization. Shortly after we kicked off the transformation efforts, and despite the pandemic in 2020, the company showed never before reported profit since 2016.
2. I have been blessed with a recognition of “Ernst & Young (EY) Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Female Role Model” Award in 2016.
3. Led two major and strategic Acquisitions for local start-ups for Jazadco in one year, which was a turning point on the overall transformation journey.

What does success look like for you?

Success is achieving on your own terms, supporting others rather than competing with their version of success. It is the commutative aspirations I have over the years, success looks different to me every year, and looks different than others. It is living my best life, keeping an authentic lifestyle, achieving excellence rather than perfection, and making a difference no matter where I find myself.


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