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M Carmen Lence Ferreiro


EPIC Awards 2022 Finalist

"We can do better!"

CEO of Grupo Leche Rio. IMBA 2000

I’m from Lugo, Spain. My passion is helping others fulfill their potential and making a positive difference in society. I have developed my professional career in management positions in corporations and family businesses. During the last years, before taking on the leadership of the group of family companies, I have worked in the field of executive coaching and training of senior executives at an international level. I hold an International M.B.A. from IE Business School in Madrid and I’m a certified Executive Coach by the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute at the Haas School of Business. I’m also a certified co-active coach by CTI. Currently, I manage Leche Río Group as CEO and I am Chairman of the Board of Lence Torres S.L., the holding family company. My goal is to lead the change of the family business towards a culture of continuous improvement and an entrepreneurial mindset. WHAT SUPPORTS ME? ✔My entrepreneurial spirit and results orientation since my first business adventure when I was 14 years old. ✔My communication and team leadership skills, seeking the development of employees. ✔Having worked in different cities in Asia, Europe and the United States, so I have a global and flexible vision. This circumstance has also developed my ability to adapt to change and learn quickly how to deal with new situations. ✔As a coach and trainer I have worked with senior executives from different sectors. This has given me a clear idea of what makes a CEO achieve extraordinary results. ✔My contribution in different countries to the creation and defense of the rights of the family business, such as my work at Women’s Initiative in San Francisco, or the Family Business Association in Greece, or the creation of the Family Business Forum in Galicia.

How did IE helped you to get where you are today?

IE gave me an international perspective about business and promoted the construction of strong relationships with my classmates. They are still my closest friends. It also helped me when I moved to different countries. I always contacted the local alumni club and was able to make friends and build relationships very quickly.

What are the three achievements you are most proud of?

1. Change the perception that Grupo Leche Río SA was a company without a future after the death of my father, to being a benchmark company in Galicia with an excellent reputation as a committed and innovative company.
2. Build an international career as a consultant and executive coach while moving from country to country for my husband’s work, and raising my children.
3. Contribute to creating a difference in the causes that I support, such as gender equality, the protection of family businesses and the defense of rural areas.

What does success look like for you?

It looks like the life I have today. I live my life in my own terms. I’m 100% myself. I love what I do. I love my family. I have great friends. Success for me is to live you life in such a way that the day you die you have no regrets. You fought to make your dreams come true, you were your authentic self and you feel that you made your contribution to make the world a better place.


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