Free assessments

These free assessments will help you determine the steps you should take in order to become the best version of yourself.

Each assessment will measure your capabilities across a number of dimensions such as emotional flexibility, mindsets, lifelong learning attributes and vitality for lasting professional success.

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Mindsets for Lifelong Learners

Learning and personal growth are crucial for driving lasting professional success to all levels of your organization. Discover how strong your lifelong learning mindset is and learn what you can do to advance your mindsets in order to thrive in your career.

Authentic Professional Confidence

Every professional journey is full of twists and turns that require authentic professional confidence to overcome them. With the latest research, you will discover where your emotional flexibility stands and where to direct your focus to increase your confidence and foster professional success.

Entrepreneurial Thinking Styles

To raise awareness of how managers’ think in entrepreneurial situations, we have developed a simple assessment (a “mirror”) and an intuitive map of different thinking styles. The mirror makes current thinking habits explicit while the map highlights the directions in which managers can develop to become more versatile thinkers.