In a world that is constantly evolving, a lifelong learning mindset is key to driving success that lasts.

These publications are tools for your daily professional life, providing solutions to struggles that many organizations face. With these insights, you’ll fine-tune your leadership abilities and improve your organization’s performance. Additionally, you will dive into the psychology of personal confidence and its implications for business leaders.


The world is constantly changing, and demands for new skill-sets in the workplace are springing up like never before. From the need to incorporate top-of-the-line digitization to enhancing corporate training strategies, and improving employees’ mindsets, it is clear that developing a lifelong learning culture is crucial to creating lasting personal and professional success.

As you make your way through these articles, you will gain critical insights for personal and professional growth which you can use to propel your organization through the 21st century.

IE’s Center for Corporate Learning Innovation will provide the essential, cutting-edge tools you need to stay on the front line of an increasingly demanding and competitive world.

Liquid Learning on Times of Liquid Modernity

Dr. Nick van Dam and Dr. Noémie Le Pertel

Liquid Learning is a transformational, comprehensive, holistic and interactive educational experience that transcends single learning methodologies and platforms by blending together physical and digital learning ecosystems in innovative ways. This is how students obtain the highest quality of education no matter where in the world they are and what their current situation might be. Nick van Dam and Noémie le Pertel invite you to dive into the article and explore the 5 guiding principles of Liquid Learning: multi-channel, an experience created for the real world, with faculty excellence as an asset, designed with an active and social approach and a solid focus to get a personalized experience.

Learning & Development Keys For Businesses Post-Coronavirus

Corporate Learning and Leadership Development is changing at the speed of business deeply influenced by the COVID-19 outbreak. Find out the views of 60 CLOs and Senior L&D Leaders globally who analyze challenges and opportunities for corporate development on these challenging times. The article gathers the main conclusions drafted by the report: ‘Learning and Leadership Development During Times of COVID 19 Survey Report’ developed by Prof. Dr. Nick van Dam, IE University Chief Learning Officer and Director for the IE Center for Corporate Learning Innovation, and former CLO and HR Executive at McKinsey & Company. Corporate Learning and Leadership Development is changing at the speed of business deeply influenced by the COVID-19 outbreak.

How to turn in-person leadership programs into highly effective virtual classroom programs

In these turbulent times provide leaders with tools to react in the short, mid and long term proves to be essential. In order to do so, we need to keep in mind that converting leadership F2F programs is not about just digitizing existing in-person sessions. To be able to design and implement high quality virtual leadership programs Katie and Nick will address some of the most important challenges as: lack of methodology together with technology and expertise needs. Along the session they will provide attendants a 6 guiding principles model to successfully adapt traditional in-person leadership programs into these high quality virtual leadership initiatives. The session will be completed by a Q&A experience allowing the audience to pose their questions to both experts.


These books embrace the relationship between psychology and organizational development, which can be incredibly useful for executives when finding ways to lead their companies. Not only do these books cover this relationship, but also discuss how an employee’s mindset is key in the evolution of an organization’s culture and overall framework. Learn more about these findings to discover how they can aid you in your professional endeavors.

Elevating Leadership & Development

Nick van Dam

Learning and development enhancement

In an increasingly competitive world, creating an environment of continuous learning is crucial for staying on the front line of organizational success. L&D experts uncover the key professional development points you need to know to make sure that every part of your organization is running on all cylinders.

Leadership At Scale: Better leadership, better results

Claudio Feser, Michael Rennie and Nicolai Chen Nielsen. Contribution author Dr. Nick van Dam.

Developing real leadership talent.

In today’s ever-changing world, every business needs access to a deep and talented pool of leaders to keep their organization on the cutting edge of success. Following decades of experience and scientifically proven research, this book guides leaders to unleash talent at all levels of their organization.

You! The Positive Force In Change: Leveraging Insights from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology

Eileen Rogers and Nick van Dam

Unlocking human potential

Experience and scientific research have joined forces in this easy-to-read book. Readers will be guided on a journey to unlocking their excellence, boosting their happiness, and increasing professional and personal success.

Advancing authentic confidence through emotional flexibility

Jacqueline Brassey and Nick van Dam

Authentic confidence

Readers will gain real-world insights into how to develop their confidence while enhancing their leadership abilities. Drawing from scientifically proven research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology, the world’s top leaders uncover the keys for creating confidence.