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January 30th, 9:00 am Eastern time, 3:00 pm Madrid time

Learning How to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help You Master Tough Subjects

Barbara Oakley, instructor of Learning How to Learn (University of California-San Diego – Coursera)

Barbara Oakley, is the instructor of Learning How to Learn, one of the world’s largest student massive open online course, with nearly 3 million students.

In this presentation, she delves deep into the brain to present practically useful information about how you can more easily master new and difficult material.

• Learn from a neuroscientific perspective why it’s perfectly normal to not understand something difficult the first time you encounter it. You’ll see how to leverage your knowledge of how your brain works to do better on tests and to inoculate yourself (and the children in your life) against feelings of frustration and failure when something seems difficult to learn.

• See what the patterns of expertise look like in the brain, and learn how to build those patterns more quickly and with less frustration.

• Discover simple tools to tackle procrastination. (You might be surprised to learn that even just thinking about something you don’t like causes your brain to experience pain.)

• Learn the surprising advantages of having a bad memory and sometimes being a slower learner.

February 20th, 12:00 (GMT+1)

Using Psychometrics for Leadership Development in a Global Professional Services Firm

Daljit Singh, Director of Leadership Development with Baker McKenzie

This session will share how global law firm Baker McKenzie uses psychometrics for leadership development. This will include how its shapes its leadership development initiatives, partners with external vendors, and measures impact. Daljit Singh is Director of Leadership Development with Baker McKenzie. Prior to that, he held senior positions across HR and L&D with KPMG. He has over 30 years of experience in leadership development and holds Masters degrees in Economics, Education and Human Resources.

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The future of Learning @Deloitte (University)

Karel G.W. Massop, Director and innovation initiative leader for Deloitte University EMEA

Deloitte has to deal with rapid changes on all levels. Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models, and cognitive tools, work is changing and learning is changing. Today’s environment demands continuous learning and a growth mind-set from all practitioners across Deloitte to prepare for the Future of Work. So where are we coming from and even more important where are we going? Deloitte University is in the Centre of the learning eco-system and drives for upgrading of learning to be ready for the future. So how does Deloitte make the moves to become an even more High Impact Learning Organization for all its learners?

Developing Leaders for the 21st Century

Joel Casse, Global Head Leadership Development, CoE NOKIA

We live in a fast-paced world, where work is increasingly knowledge-based, the workforce is multi-generational, well educated, informed and has different expectations. Leaders need to let go of the traditional command, control and directive approach to succeed... Or do they? Is it so simple? What are the hurdles to overcome? This presentation will take the audience on the journey that Nokia has been on to change its leadership approach. It will discuss what worked, what didn’t and where we find ourselves now.

How Google’s Culture Supports Learning & Innovation

Lisa R. Kaufman, Senior Global Learning & Development Manager at Google

In Lisa Kaufman’s webinar, she discussed how Google fosters a culture of learning and innovation in the workplace. Beyond Google’s free food and ping pong tables, do you know about Google’s research on great managers, or the science and data behind building effective teams? Check out the re:Work with Google site to learn more about what drives Google’s culture, and gain access to tools and inspiration from Silicon Valley that you can implement to make work better.

Ahold Delhaize: Defining Work in The Future

Nicholas Brassey, CHRO Ahold Delhaize Europe and Indonesia. Advisory Board Member of the International Masterclass L&D Leadership.

At Ahold Delhaize we strive to be a better place to work for our associates, and that requires continuous reinvention. New talent profiles will be needed, new professional capabilities must be developed, and the existing workforce needs to be prepared & empowered for radical transitions. Keen to learn more? Join us in this webinar!

The Rise of the Chief Wellbeing Officer: A Call for Organizational Health

Dr. Noémie Le Pertel, Dr. Nick van Dam and Johanna Dekkers

This webinar explores how forces like accelerated change in the digital age impact wellbeing at work. We will analyse strategies for wellbeing and highlight examples of initiatives in various companies such as our case study: Vitality at Nationale Nederlanden. Webinar organized by ICEDR.org.

Enabling Your Technology to Bring Digital Learning to Life

Dr. Nick van Dam and Tonya Corley from McKinsey

In this webinar, Dr Nick van Dam and Tonya Corley (McKinsey & Co) discuss how to enable your technology in order to bring digital learning to life. Webinar organized by ICEDR.org.

The Organizational Costs of Insufficient Sleep

Dr. Nick van Dam and Dr. Els van der Helm

In this session, Nick van Dam and Els van der Helm discuss the important topic of sleep (or lack thereof). If you would like to download their article on the organizational costs of insufficient sleep, click here. Webinar organized by ICEDR.org.